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  1. Lewis

    Great Dane puppies

    Gorgeous pups!!
  2. Lewis

    What’s wrong with his leg? Help.

    I wonder if he injured his leg trying to get away from a rat
  3. Lewis


    How are the four kits doing?
  4. Lewis

    Rat bites. Help. A little graphic.

    Above looks like great advice! I'd like to ad to keep bugs (like fries) away from it (larvae in the wound). I implore you to please make your cages rat proof. A stitch in time saves nine
  5. Lewis

    Seizure, now eye issue

    I found these interesting articles about seizures and cloudy eyes last night but couldn't get back on rabbittalk. I so...
  6. Lewis

    Seizure, now eye issue

    Vienna gene does not necessarily mean blue eyes. I tried looking up if Rex rabbits VC but couldn't find anything. Hopefully you know or somebody else can offer more insight. I found this article Information on the Vienna Gene - Home "Epilepsy / Seizures in BEWs There are breeders who...
  7. Lewis

    Seizure, now eye issue

    The only thing I could suggest is to clean and sanitize his environment. Thing that comes to mind is parasites. Are your other r babies good? How does his lung sound? Can you feel his heart rate ? Is it similar to your other rabbits? How is his hydration? ( pin his skin in a tent and it should...
  8. Lewis

    Seizure, now eye issue

    What type of rabbit is he ? Does he have the vienna gene?
  9. Lewis

    Snake 🐍 Proofing Hutch / Cage ?

    I did a quick search of "snake"and found a few snake proofing posts. Looks like you did what was suggested!
  10. Lewis

    What is this

    Nvm I misunderstood
  11. Lewis

    Selling Manure, price?

    What is urine used for? What is the urine used for?
  12. Lewis

    Turning green

    Could you share a photo
  13. Lewis

    In a pinch, this safe?

    I think if the cream got in his eye it would burn. Around his eye I think would be fine if he didn't get it in his eye. I'd personally use neosporn ointment as the cream burns. Try it on you first. Maybe it doesn't burn... I know the neosporn cream burns from personal experience.
  14. Lewis

    Help! Best ways to cull 2-3 week old kits.

    I would look at the other suggestions in the beginning of your post. Freezing and drowning may put them in a panic in their last moments. Do you still have the kits?
  15. Lewis

    HELP! Should I cull this doe?

    How is your doe doing?
  16. Lewis

    Vent bleeding 9 day kit

    What a miraculous story. Thank you for sharing
  17. Lewis

    URGENT need for advice

    Do rabbit bones break that easy?
  18. Lewis

    The woes of rabbit searching

    Photos please!