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  1. Jackrabbit


    Hi, I raise rabbits and other animals and for the control of wild rodents keep barn cats. One of our cats gave birth to two kittens about 2 months ago one of the kittens was stillborn the other was doing great until NOW! He and his mom had been wondering around the property and went missing for...
  2. Jackrabbit

    Line breeding?

    I would say it’s not a big deal all of my standard Rex share some close ancestry. But it’s really up to you to decide what you should/want to be doing with your rabbits.
  3. Jackrabbit

    Doe stopped eating and isn’t pooping

    Hmm no sorry I lost a buck to that.
  4. Jackrabbit

    Being FLAGGED by the PETA police

    Yes! Here are more pic just for fun :)!
  5. Jackrabbit

    Being FLAGGED by the PETA police

    Thank you! I am posting in the farm+garden section and do have nice pics. For fun I’ll attach some below they are standard Rex!
  6. Jackrabbit

    Being FLAGGED by the PETA police

    In case you guys want to know what my post says here it is. If you have suggestions or comments feel free to type away! ——————————————————— We have 14 PEDIGREED REX RABBIT KITS AVAILABLE NOW FOR 40$ EACH. They are super playfull, And they love human interaction. They are also amazing garden...
  7. Jackrabbit

    Being FLAGGED by the PETA police

    My post for “Pedigreed Rex Bunnies” has been flagged now more times than I can count! It’s really frustrating. Why do these people have to ruin our lives???
  8. Jackrabbit

    Nothing is selling any advice?

    I have a Tiktok and Instagram for mine🙂
  9. Jackrabbit

    Nothing is selling any advice?

    I raise Rex and Mini Rex my prices: Mini Rex, Unproven doe 40$, unproven buck 40$, proven doe 60$, proven buck 40$. Rex, unproven doe 40$, unproven buck 40$, proven doe 80$, proven buck 40$. All are pedigreed. Pets are 25$ fryers are 5$-30$. I live in Watsonville Ca and know a lady who lives 10...
  10. Jackrabbit

    Wet noses throughout the barn

    I'm having the same problem right now! Yupyup what antibiotics did you use? Ive had wet noses and 2 coughers.
  11. Jackrabbit

    Doe kindled 2 days ago but still preggo?

    I have MINI REX, all my does Kindle on day 32. And pull fur a few minutes before giving birth. I don't think she is still pregnant and if she is they are most lickley dead. Try gently feeling her understomach and see if it feels hard I would be concerned. She actually may have some so keep an...
  12. Jackrabbit

    J Clip Manufacturers

    Lixit makes them in Napa Ca.
  13. Jackrabbit

    Amber or Castor?

    Leyla: Lilac Fawn, Doe. Foxy: Red, Buck.
  14. Jackrabbit

    "Get to know each other" game.

    I'm not the person below, but I too have a 2 story house!
  15. Jackrabbit

    Amber or Castor?

    Btw The other 5 kits are Red.
  16. Jackrabbit

    Amber or Castor?

    Thank you! What color do you think the kits are?
  17. Jackrabbit

    Amber or Castor?

    I had a litter of standard Rex born about a month ago. And 4 of the 9 kits look like castor/amber. The dam is A Lilac Fawn, and the sire is a Red. I'll atach pix of the amber/castor kits below. Any ideas will be gladly appreciated!
  18. Jackrabbit

    What color?

    I recently got into raising Rex rabbits both Mini and standard. And I had a 2 litters of MINI Rex and 1 litter of standard rex, however I can't seem to identity the colors of 2 MINI rex kits. I have 2 confirmed broken castors and 1 confirmed broken Lilac. The 2 that have their "own" pics are the...