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    Desperate and deflated.

    With a suspicion of RHDV or even myx your best bet is to immediately vaccinate all other rabbits. Other then that keep musquitos and any bloodsucking flies/bugs away from them (fly screen fabric or some such over the hutches/doors of the shed). If you have a watering system now, switch back to...
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    Something Is Off w/ My Pet Rabbit.

    If he is moulting he could have fur / hair balls in his tummy from grooming himself. There are tricks for helping them pass that easier, but i don't have them here.
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    Please consider this...

    Healthy animals are cheapest to keep, so housing, care and feed to do so are smart if only out of enlightend selfintrest. The people here are responsible in that no they will not dump unwanted animals somewhere because letting them be eaten is mean. They'll either eat them themselves or let...
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    Best Method To Dispatch

    Why do you expect 100% the same way of moving from yourself and a 100% the same behaviour from each time and different animal in this? Or anything for that matter? As a vietnam vet no less? Similar or even the same situation from your point of view may not be that of the other party. There will...
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    Best Method To Dispatch

    All signals stopping include communication between injured bodypart(s) and the pain receptors in the brain. I.e. there is no more pain signal being received that actually triggers a pain reflex/feeling of pain. There are slaughterpin on a spring for small livestock, some use an airrifle, but...
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    No, but to prevent pests like mice the rabbits get no more pellets than they'll eat within about 15min. max. Other pellets/cubes are alfalfa, gras, or hay that is just not nearly as attractive to mice or bugs.
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    Question For The Experts

    Standard rabbit pellet will cover minerals and such, just be stingy with feeding that because it can rapidly make them fat. Shortly said a fat rabbit is a malnurished rabbit. If they cannot reach their hindend they cannot eat cecotropes i.e. their version of chewing cud, since rabbits are...
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    Steve The Goat

    Goats teach you how to swear. A fence that doesn't hold water won't hold a goat. Both those sayings have been around a while. Although a herd animal alone is more likely to behave in worrying or frustrating ways. Don't adopt a herd animal you can't integrate into your existing herd. It saves...
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    Time needed between butchering and cooking?

    Yes, although i wouldn't want to be without a freezer (or washingmachine for that matter) by choice, being able to have the basics covered without one by for instance only butchering what is needed for the next load of cooking (i usually make a 3-4 servings worth at once and hot pack them) makes...
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    Ivermectin usage

    Problems with horse worming paste explained here :
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    Time needed between butchering and cooking?

    Here they either go straight into the pot or the freezer (fridge got retired). Rigor needs some time to start, so you have a timewindow where you don't need to worry about it. Within about 30min. you should be good.
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    Personal Introduction

    Wild rabbits are panickaholics and stay that way, you can pretty much count on their kits being the same. I have come across domestic X wild rabbit oepsie litters, when here (europe) outside bunnies got an amorous visit. They even with a domestic, cuddly well handled doe as an example would be...
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    Personal Introduction

    I suspect actually that Snack was a dump unwanted/can't keep it pet story. Some people will just look for a place that looks like bunny will be happy there and dump them. Shelter costs money and may have euthanasia policy. If you let them roam i would spay/neuter the whole lot actually, there...
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    Have you ever been sold the wrong rabbit?

    Yes i did have a doe that turned out to be a buck in the first round of buying rabbits for breeding. He was indeed very good with the doe that was a doe but he sprayed so that messyness got him a freezer ticket. Now knowing a little more about sexing rabbits and about what i want to check...
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    Biggest size of successful litter

    3-5, but small (one person) household and raising rex dwarf for meat. 3 is minimum for enough warmth, 5 is pretty much max on what fits otherwise. Now i do expect a litter from a doe that has given 7 the last 2 kindles and my 5 kits doe gave 6 on the 3rd kindle. All in all i had all sizes from 2...
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    Labored Breathing

    I came aross the warning to not feed lavender to pregnant does because it can start labour. So maybe that can help her?
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    What kind of rabbit do you have?

    Dwarf rex on the large side of the breed standard.
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    Things like inbreeding/linebreeding requires knowing a lot about your breeding stock, enough pens to grow animals out and an ability to cull hard if/when problems show up. All in all i prefer not to unless the situation makes it necessary. I'd rather not breed myself into a corner before that...
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    What do I feed my bunny other than rabbit pellets?

    For starters you need a foundation that you can always feed to give the rabbit a buffer to prevent upset tummies. Best option for that is good hay. You can top that off with some greens, better from trees than ground level and not from underground (like roots and tubers). Small amount of pellets...
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    Time to sell

    That kind of behaviour also works through into interactions with their own kits and people, so actually it is usefull for them to know. From what i see and hear of other species that have been weaned to early the problems show up in other interactions as well and sometimes into health problems...