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    I think I figured out what's going on, based on life experience. All dry goods (grain, pasta, pellets, etc) potentially contain insect eggs (like weevils). If they sit long enough in the right conditions the eggs hatch, and voila, bugs in the food. The bugs and eggs are SO small, you don't...
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    I've noticed if the rabbits don't eat all of their food and it sits waiting for 2ish days, small (weevil?) bugs appear in the food. There's nothing wrong with the food in the bag/buckets, no sign of bugs at all. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this.
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    Blue eyes or illusion?

    They might be different rabbits. I thought they were the same. I was trying to cheat and not take new pictures. I rescued 100 rabbits in January and it was tricky to keep everyone straight. Here's new pictures.
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    Blue eyes or illusion?

    No. He looks solid black until you see him in the light and realize there are large brown patches intermixed in the black.
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    Blue eyes or illusion?

    Grandfather on both sides was a broken- black spots on white Grandmother on mom's side was broken-brown spots on white Mom is Charlie- almost no black on white Grandmother on dad's side was broken -tuxedo coloring almost all black, white dulap and belly Dad is all black with some brown.
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    Blue eyes or illusion?

    The parents and grandparents of this litter were given to me. I was told they're rex, but clearly they're not 100% because the fur is too long. Neither the parents, nor grandparents of this litter had blue eyes. So I'm trying to figure out if it's just an illusion that they look blue. Thanks...
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    Animal For Sale REW NZ TAMUKs Florida

    I have several New Zealand White TAMUK litters. 2 litters kindling this week. 1 litters 5 weeks old. 2 litters 7 weeks old. $40 each I also have some rex crosses (adults and kits). 4 week old New Zealand (with a little Flemish giant mixed in) also available. Just North of Gainesville Florida...
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    Exhausting, ideas?

    We found wagerers on Amazon that have a bowl as the base but use a bottle. They come with 17 oz bottles which isn't enough, but 33oz smart water bottles fit. In some ways they're a pain to clean, but the rabbits drink more from them than regular bottles and they don't spill like bowls do...
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    Using Tractors the good and the bad

    Tractors are nice, but there are just too many parasites in Florida for ir, in my opinion, ticks, fleas, ear mites, worms.... plus wild rabbits here have some diseases I don't want in my herd. I'm glad it works for others though.
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    Not full NZ. So what are they?

    Thank you!
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    Not full NZ. So what are they?

    My "NZ Red" doe is clearly not 100% NZ, based on color, but especially based on this last litter. I'm certain dad is 100% NZ White TAMUK. I see 3 blacks. I'm not sure what the other 6 are. (The 1 REW in this litter died yesterday or today.)
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    Are chickens easier and cheaper than rabbits?

    I realize this thread has been dormant a while, but not too long. It came up in a search, I thought I'd chime in. Where we live in Florida, free-ranging isn't really an option. There are too many parasites and predators. We've done rabbits, chickens, ducks, quail, geese, guinea hens, and...
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    Ideas for Avoiding Summer Sterility in Bucks?

    Mt thought was to keep a buck from a January litter to breed in summer. I've read young bucks don't have as many issues. Then when fall comes, he goes to freezer camp. The Rabbitry Center on YouTube created boxes for their bucks to escape the heat in. It works in MI. Not so sure about in down...
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    Time to sell

    The laws on animal sale ages are set by the states. I know in FL the law says rabbits sold for PETS must be 8 weeks. Rabbits sold for FARMING don't have restrictions on age.
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    Spreadout the kits or no?

    That's certainly a different idea id never heard of. If they typically only nurse once a day though, doesn't that mean they would all be under fed?
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    Spreadout the kits or no?

    3 does kindled today. 24 kits in total! Alvi - 1st time mom, NZ TAMUK white, 6 kits, then she died Affra - 1st time mom, NZ TAMUK white, 9 kits Nannie - experienced mom, Cali/NZ, 9 kits (All the dads are NZ TAMUK whites) Alvi kindled first. Nannie kindled a couple hours after Alvi died...
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    Pellet Dust Recipe and Uses

    That's What the flaxseed and chia seed do although mosr people ive seen post online suggest apple and carrot or banana. But the flax and chia can make up 6-40% of a rabbit diet and still be healthy according to the studies I've read. Too much Fruit has consequences. Treats are a good way to...
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    Pellet Dust Recipe and Uses

    I've found flax seed or chia seed are good binders. When you add water to flax or chia seeds (even if they're ground into flour) it makes a good binder and they're good for rabbits