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  1. ladysown

    Different strokes for different folks

    as long as they produce as they should, for sure.
  2. ladysown

    Not new, but returning!

  3. ladysown

    Ear mites ivermectin?

    you can just use oil as well. :)
  4. ladysown

    Is this GI Stasis? Pictures

    yeah.... most likely.
  5. ladysown

    New Member!!!

    you might well get torted harlequins. Tort x harlequin isn't the best combination of colours if breeding for show/pedigrees. BUT if just breeding for fun/pet homes or other purposes, it all works.
  6. ladysown

    Black spot on skin/hair loss — mites?

    thinking maybe fur mites? the pics don't pull up the best for me. but location would be fur mites.
  7. ladysown

    Mink/weasels best trap method

    for weasels you need to small trap, nearish a water source, and covered. they aren't likely to go into an exposed trap. a fresh meat source will help draw them in. (dead chick, dead newborn rabbit, some of lasts night steak...) They are very curious animals so you can make that work for...
  8. ladysown

    How Do You Get Water To Your Rabbits?

    you can buy water safe hoses for drinking from. they cost more, but tend to be fairly tough as well.
  9. ladysown

    Greetings from North Central Idaho

    if I haven't said so already, welcome to RT.
  10. ladysown

    Meat rabbit housing and some other questions

    that space I could see you doing two does and one buck. I don't know that I'd want to divide that into three cages UNLESS you kept the buck separate and used him with the does... and have the does in just their own personal area. Is that what you are meaning? Deep bedding method works well...
  11. ladysown

    Hershey's 2nd Litter

    all I know about genetics is what I observe in my herd. two lightly marked brokens will produce kits that are unthrifty, whereas medium to heavy marked brokens will rarely throw a charlie and generally give me mostly medium brokens. That's my herd though. :) So I breed according the...
  12. ladysown

    Sneezing rabbits?

    Then I'd be looking at food borne mould, or something in (if you use any) bedding used.
  13. ladysown

    Gutentag from Germany

    Marjolein welcome to RT. so interesting to learn your journey. Enjoy those rabbits and yes, that weight was good. half of 6.3 would be 3.15 so you're better than half already! I wouldn't be complaining. :)
  14. ladysown

    Sneezing rabbits?

    What type of building do you have them housed in? Does it have beyond excellent ventilation? Often in the winter rabbitries are protected too much and that proves to be not healthy for the rabbits being protected.
  15. ladysown

    The elusive Florida White

    have to gone to the Florida White breed page Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association ? Breeders contacting some of those breeders might help answer your questions. :)
  16. ladysown

    Hershey's 2nd Litter

    You need to understand that not all charlies have mega-colon. There are many people who breed them quite successfully. and breeding two brokens together does not always result in charlies. I've had two broken throw me some really nice broken bunnies.... MIND.... a HEAVILY marked broken to a...
  17. ladysown

    Hershey's 2nd Litter

    at least one of those castors has been harlequinized. Probably two of them (the first two). Broken castor. One of those broken castor has been harlequinized for sure, possibly both. Did you breed her to a harlequin?
  18. ladysown

    Buck Hasn't Ate

    are you gently massaging his belly? if you do so do you feel any lumps in there? Sometimes if you wet some greens and keep bugging him with them he'll grab them just to spite you and sometimes that gets them eating.