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  1. skysthelimit

    How to devolve pures to mutts

    There is a long thread somewhere, I will try to resurrect it, about the problems a few of us were having with Silver Fox. Akane is very correct about Silvering not being a 1 to 1 gene. I've had 2 heavily silvered parents produce little to no silvering, or the kits are all across the board, and...
  2. skysthelimit

    RabbitTalk Handicrafts Thread. What do YOU make?

    All of these items are absolutely beautiful. As soon as I figure out what to do about Photobucket, I'll post some pictures. It may just be easier to post the link to FB or to my website. My mother taught me to sew when I was a child, and to crochet. I do a little quilting, but mostly...
  3. skysthelimit

    Is it possible to breed big wide hind feet into

    The SOP would disagree with your assessment. In the description for Rex, the desired bone is medium. Fine bone does not always equal better meat. Many have fine bone, but they lack the body length proportions, well rounded hips and well filled loin, spring of ribs and meaty shoulders to have a...
  4. skysthelimit

    Is it possible to breed big wide hind feet into

    Rex should not have fine bone. They are a 4 class commercial breed. Wide feet means better bone, which makes a better Rex. Interestingly, denser fur is something that tends to tag along with wider feet and better bone. I start looking at feet as soon as the kits are born. The long narrow...
  5. skysthelimit

    What is your rabbits daily diet?!

    Pellets. Full scoop for Angoras. 3/4 for Rex. Forage in the summer, whatever I can find.
  6. skysthelimit

    Happy Birthday SKY!!!

    Thanks everyone. It rained flash flood style here yesterday. A little water in the barn, but all buns are above and the garden still intact. But I tell you, I'm starting feel my age here.
  7. skysthelimit

    Angora wool production on a natural diet?

    Many Angora people have bred in many things. Angoras are such a created breed, probably even more than any other breed because of the fiber. Satin Angoras were created from Satins, another meat breed. That's why saying molting every 3 mos is natural and non molting is not is kind of silly...
  8. skysthelimit

    Breeding Rex and Chinchilla Rabbit

    Do you have Rex or Mini Rex? He looks a bit small, but perhaps he's young. If you have proper Rex, they are a commercial breed, 8-10lbs, you should get a decent meat rabbit.
  9. skysthelimit

    How many bucks do you keep?

    Well really, at this point, all but one of my rabbits are bucks. IT depends. Because I show (yes, I'm still showing), bucks are more useful to me than does, because I don't have to worry about keeping them on the table past breeding age, or regrowing coats after kindling. With woolers, does in...
  10. skysthelimit

    Angora wool production on a natural diet?

    This is such an interesting conversation. I kind of missed it, but I wanted to point out back on the comment of Betty Chu-- she said somewhere that she did not add any non molting lines, she simply selected for rabbits that hold their coats longer. Non molter, or really what should be called...
  11. skysthelimit

    Summer breeding

    I breed all summer long. i have a very hard time getting litters in the winter, so my season goes from March to October/November. All my rabbits are from my region, barns without climate control.
  12. skysthelimit

    Astrex / Astrakhan links & Information

    I'd like to know too.
  13. skysthelimit

    Developing a Breeding Program

    I would only add that at jr prime I expect a Rex to have a proper coat if I want to be show competitive, so I'd cull baby fine coats past 4 mos. As a breed they have such a short show life, and show season is too narrow for me to wait till 6 mos.
  14. skysthelimit

    Might be gettng a rex trio!

    I can't say I've ever had that problem. Maybe the rabbits in question have fur too soft for the breed. That goes hand and hand with sore hocks. If ones getting sore hocks, and fur that is damages by maintenance brushing, there needs to be a change in breeding. Daily grooming isn't necessary...
  15. skysthelimit

    Buyer 'Likes' You...How Common is This?

    I've made some really good friends that way.
  16. skysthelimit

    Angora wool production on a natural diet?

    As a general rule I'd say no. Most Angora breeders have theirs on 18%, to carry good coat, not including supporting body condition and coat with breeding. I've tried it. Even with "high protein" forage I could not achieve the same amount of protein as a bag of pellets. I got coats but body...
  17. skysthelimit

    Rex: If you had the option... what would you do?

    Actually that is not a really big problem. When you breed for Tri, unless all your rabbits are homozygous for agouti, you are going to wind up with unshowables, like Tort and of course Harlies, even with Red. The Castors won't be showable, but they will certainly be breedable, and sellable. Any...
  18. skysthelimit

    Astrex coated meat mutt project

    That is hilarious. Rarity is a regional thing. At shows, and in listings, there are less than 10 Rex breeders here. 3 of those people I sold them Rex, and the other ones sold me Rex :) But I'm also in an area where rabbit breeders are small in number. The gene pool is closer. I imagine too...
  19. skysthelimit

    Might be gettng a rex trio!

    Why not? Not that i do a great deal of grooming to anyone here, but I've never heard anyone say not to brush. Especially if you show, at some point, it happens.
  20. skysthelimit

    Nest Box Questions

    As long as the wire openings are small so kits feet don't get stuck. Or you put a bottom on it. I use shredded paper, because hay is hard to come by here and too valuable as feed to waste in nest boxes.