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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    Oh, I forgot to add, bought tanning agents all talk about uniformity of hide colour but, with natural tanning agents every hide will be a different colour which I like. I just have to be careful to not get the agent on the fur as it can stain lighter hides. But even that can work in my favor...
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    I take the hides straight off the rabbit, flesh and then dry. That gives me YEARS to work with it. Seriously, other than moths and a hurricane, I havnt found anything other than dogs that can hurt a dried hide. The wooden blocks were cut down two by fours so about four by four by two but I...
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    I have used ants the same way for smaller hides and vultures for pig hides, they all did a pretty great job. Hides dried flat store in a smaller space, I have over 200 right now so case drying doesn't work for my storage space but if you have the area, good on ya! You may or may not have...
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    NO SALT eeeeewwwww please no salt! I hate salted hides, it makes the beautifully soft fur all harsh and awful! All I do is flesh them really well, sharp scissors work the best for that job for me, and then I nail them to a bord hide side out and put it in front of a fan. When I say nail I...
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    A HUGE gold star for the idea though! Well done you. lol
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    R92, that would work in the States but I'm in the UK and the dryer is plugged into an extension cord. I think I might unearth some of my very old NZ hides and just use them as a test run. They are nice enough but worth wasting on the experiment. Will let y'all know how it goes once I find...
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    Oooooo that's a good idea!
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    No worries! It took several years of trial and error so I am thrilled when anyone wants to give it a go.
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    I flesh and dry all my hides first so that when I'm ready I brew up a super strong solution of black tea and, when cool, paint the hide side with enough coats for it to soak in fully, stretching them between times to allow the fibers to drink it all up. Then I let them dry a bit - being careful...
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    I can do a few hides by hand but I pay for it so much that the dryer is my preferred method. And nope, she was so happy when I got the dryer - for doing hides with - that I just couldn't justify killing it. lol
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    I could, but then again, my skill set doesn't work that way. lol And it would break my mothers heart.
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    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    The title says it all really. lol I bought a dryer to do double duty for drying clothes and breaking hides but, because I wasn't paying enough attention when I bought it, I didn't realize it didn't have a heatless drying cycle. So its lowest setting is between 125 f to 145 f. When does a hide...
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    A very odd colour

    I just sold her as I have no room to keep any of that litter other than the one red doe. She was soooo pretty though, such a warm and cozy colour.
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    Rabbits castrating each other

    I've had it happen a few times with grow outs, it seems to be more common with spring and summer grow outs, never had it in autumn or winter grow outs. Always look under the cages when feeding and spot any tufts of fur. A sure sign that fighting is happening, despite all looking well when you...
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    Meat Rabbit Breeds

    I have a Rex trio and a pair of mixed dwarf does. The mixed ones produce fryers that grow out just as good as the purebreds but seem to sell a bit better than the Rex in this area. With so little space one of the mixed does is going soon as I have a red Rex doe that I held back to replace...
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    A very odd colour A castor buck and a chinchilla doe (rex) produced a red, a buff, a blue otter, a lavender otter, a black otter, and two of this unknown colour. Any ideas what its called? Other than pretty that is.
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    Anti-fur legislature

    And when "they" lose, they never give up so when "we" defeat a stupid bill like this one and move on to other fights they just slip it back into play when we are distracted. Witness the rollback on women's reproductive rights to see it in action.
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    GI stasis-like disease in rare rabbits

    I don't know if it helps or not but I found that, if its possible to do with a sick rabbit, to put it on the ground with lots of space to move freely. If its a doe adding a buck to the mix helps as he will pester her into moving and keep her moving. Several times I had rabbits recover that I...
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    wire for bottom of cage

    Welded Wire Mesh 1/2" x 1" x ( Aviary, hutches, runs,cages ) | eBay Seller information hillsofdevon (15434 ) 99.5% Positive Feedback This is what I have found, its 16 gauge so a touch lighter than I prefer but it works fine for an all wire cage - mine are 3 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft. New photo by...
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    Food digging

    When she is on her own I do but she has 6 kits in with her, about to move them into their own quarters soon and drop her rations but she has taught them all to do it. The food platform is still working, yay!