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    Popple Watch

    I have 5 does due over the next few weeks. That's not a lot to some people, but here it's a TON! First up was Narnia, my opal doe, bred to my registered chocolate buck. She had 10(!) on Thanksgiving. We have 1 black agouti, 1 tort, 2 chocolate agouti (one of whom is still on the skinny side), 1...
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    The case of the Disappearing Bunnies..

    I have my rabbits next to my house, (running alongside it). One side is the house, and a 6' cedar fence. One side is a lean to with a roof, and the remaining sides are either cedar fence, or wire fence with dense trees on the opposite side. The cages are about 3' off the ground, and supported...
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    Baby Angora Photos :)

    Broken English Angora babies Satin Angora hybrid babies Lynx baby Satin Angora And my 12 week old REW buck - Oceanside Sweet Lou.
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    Evidently My Rabbits Missed the Chapter on Litter Size..

    Before leaving for my big trip, I bred 3 does. One was Gale, my hybrid German/Satin angora. I also bred my broken English Angora doe, and also my fawn EA doe. She ended up bred a couple weeks later, as I let her run with my boy on the porch. I got back, with 10 new rabbits in tow, and awaited...
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    Satin Angora Adorableness!

    REW buck 4.5 weeks. This guy isn't as cute as his brother but holy cow what a body! I am keeping one.. Not sure which one... Brother to the one above. Boy about has a better rear - this guy is a little typier. I like one, one day, and the other the next.. Sigh. Sister to the 2 REWs. She IS...
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    Baby bunny Bitten what to do

    So I royally screwed up by trying to foster babies into this one litter. I took them back out, and they were ok, but now the mom has bitten one of her own pretty badly. There is a bite with a chunk missing on the back, and bites by by hind legs. The other baby has a scratch but no bite. I'm not...
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    Popple Watch Begins... Final Count

    I have 5 does due in the next 10 days.. Gave the first 3 girls their nest boxes yesterday once I got back from my trip. Day 27 for 2, day 25 for another. This morning one had nested, destroyed it, and pulled a bit of fur. The other doe was laying there looking miserable, and the 3rd who is a...
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    Rabbitosis Breeditis

    I am sick. This new Breeditis that has caused me to breed 6 does. Yes six. Let me crunch the numbers. If they all have 8 that equals 48.. 48 fuzzy bunnies. I have 15-25 already on my waiting list, so that leaves me 20.. I'll grow out the best obviously, probably 8-10. EEK! Of course I could...
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    Breeding for good Chinchilla color

    Ok. I want to work on Chinchilla Satin Angoras a bit. I know I need to keep chestnut, and coppers out of the line to avoid the brownish cast. But I am confusing about what colors I should breed. I should add here, right now, I have a chin buck with clear color, a choc chin doe, and a squirrel...
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    Bill Of Sale?

    Ok, call me crazy, but I keep thinking that there should be a bill of sale when I sell a rabbit. I came up with the following last night: OCEANSIDE ANGORAS SALES AGREEMENT: Rabbit Name _______________________________ Ear Number____________ Sire_____________________...
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    HA! Rabbitosis Plan in the Works...

    I have been struggling here, with where to expand my rabbit habit to. Right now, my bunnies are in an area that runs alongside my porch, secured with a cedar fence. I currently have 12 cages there, with room to expand another 6 cages. I also have a couple cages on my screened in porch. The...
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    Wheezy Buck

    A month ago, I was given an almost 4 year old buck who wasn't holding condition on his current diet. He is registered to weigh 8.08#, and when I got him he weighed 7.0 flat. I have not reweighed him, but I can no longer feel his backbone, I would guess he's gained a pound in the month. He is...
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    Satin Angoras 6 weeks old lots of pictures!

    One of my keeper does - chestnut agouti. Same doe with her chocolate agouti sister - also being grown out. Cricket- Copper doe. Growing her out too. She is the run but nicely typed. She has almost caught up with the others. Two girls going to a wooler/maybe show home. I HOPE she shows...
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    Silly Rabbit and Chicken Question

    Ok, my rabbit area is 8X24 or about, a little wider in places. My cages are all hung with the tops 4' above the ground, and are covered with PVC roofing panels. The sides are 6' tall cedar, or else 12' tall privet trees. I am thinking a couple hens could live in there really comfortably. I...
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    Play Pick the Baby Bunny.. Check out the link - who would YOU keep and why.. 4 weeks old today :).
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    Baby Pictures @ almost 4 weeks old

    This is what I see every time I go play with bunnies. Shy little things aren't they ;) I think bunnies being this cute should be illegal. How am I supposed to sell any of them?
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    New Bunnies

    Here are a couple shots of my 2 new English Angora does. I kind of lucked into both of these girls, and I am VERY happy about that! This is Gabrielle - or Gabby for short. She's almost 4 months old, and has a beautiful pedigree. Amd this is Ginny. I think she's a couple weeks younger than...
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    Babies @ 12 days - they have eyes

    I think I have my 3 show quality ones picked out, but waiting to make sure no one surprises me. I have 3 coppers, 3 chestnuts and the choc agouti. I may end up keeping 1 of each color...
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    Proud of myself!

    I tattooed 4 rabbits with my Kbbtats pen today. All by myself, and no problems. One flinched a bit, but she is the same rabbit who screams when I pluck her :o She's a bit sensitive.. Sure a lot easier than the clamps! And I am relieved it's done till my litter is ready to tattoo in a couple...
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    Lizzie's babies

    Grabbed a photo today, in between rain showers. But these guys are so active and bouncy it was hard! Believe it or not, there are 7 babies in this photo, nothing wrong with their survival instincts to get warm! I did lose one of the chocolate agoutis, she just never gained, and even though I...