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  1. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Securing Colony Perimeter & dealing with Winter

    When it comes to digging and escaping, breed matters. We got Rex and American chinchilla rabbits. A pair of Rex and a chinchilla doe. The Rex were frequently getting out - it was almost comical - and digging up everything. The Rex would dig almost every day. The America chinchilla almost never...
  2. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Pregnant bunny eats nesting materials including wool

    Like arachyd, my first thought is that this points to a nutrient imbalance. Can you get access to alfalfa pellets or clover or alfalfa hay for a short time and see if it helps? Do they have a mineral or salt lick in their cage?.
  3. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Thoughts about hay lacking diversity my rabbits want

    That’s not a problem where we live. It is super dry and arid all summer. Things dry very quickly. On another note, I was reading Laura Ingalls Wilder and she talks about Pa harvesting native prairie hay and selling it back east. I imagine that hay would have been diverse! Before pesticides...
  4. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Thoughts about hay lacking diversity my rabbits want

    That is neat! I’m so glad you shared that. I wish I were in your area. That is interesting that you find some diversity in your region at least in some bales. I should note that we live in a hay producing region. Hay is one of the main “crops” aside from fruit and hops, and apparently the hay...
  5. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Thoughts about hay lacking diversity my rabbits want

    I am increasingly interested in obtaining a diverse hay mix, after watching my rabbits, and want to know if anyone, anywhere has seen a hay mix for sale that is not one or two grass species or alfalfa. I have been watching my rabbits and notice how much they look for diverse plants when I...
  6. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Is the “House Rabbit” diet Reputable?

    I found this to be an interesting post because I had never heard of the house rabbit society and looked them up online. The biggest problem I have is their recommendations for what I think are excessively high amounts of human vegetables and fruits. I would give rabbits much coarser food for...
  7. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Blind Kit?

    What head movement are you talking about? Can you describe it?
  8. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Winter herd health

    Do you have a problem? Or is this preventative? The best prevention is clean cages, fresh water (in winter, unfrozen as often as possible), hay, giving your rabbits peace and quiet from stress (can include running shouting kids, dogs, cats, things lurking in the night, too much handling)...
  9. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Ideas for winter water bowls?

    We use extra ceramic bowls from the kitchen. But then we only have a few rabbits. Probably not a solution for those of your with many cages. But you could check out goodwill. On colder nights we wrap an old towel around the bowl or pad hay around it. Keeps it from freezing solid a little bit...
  10. BuffBrahmaBantam

    time to bring in the rabbits

    This doesn’t answer your question but I thought I’d share. We have a doe with a young litter who has a clean, snug 6x8 shed and during the day we open the door and she can come out into a fenced yard. She loves coming out! Our yard has been snow covered for weeks. The temp is about mid-teens at...
  11. BuffBrahmaBantam

    I new at breeding

    Very nice! I‘ve heard the doe might use the nest as a litter box if you give her hay or straw too early. You might want to keep the hay in a hay rack until about day 28 of the pregnancy.
  12. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Crossbreeding meat rabbits? Yes or no?

    Thanks for all the details. Yes, I can see the coat difference even in the photos. The difference is quite pronounced.
  13. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Crossbreeding meat rabbits? Yes or no?

    Yes I understand that the Rex coat is recessive. Can you describe your method for assessing the loins on a live rabbit? Do you do that visually, or by feel?
  14. BuffBrahmaBantam

    I new at breeding

    So glad to have helped! Let us know how it goes. The buck is in less danger because he is bigger and can move around (unlike kits) but if it were me, I'd still give him solid housing. A dog or weasel could kill him. Could you start with the doe's cage and then fix the buck's cage second?
  15. BuffBrahmaBantam

    How to age rabbit in the fridge after butchering - dry or wet?

    Good to know! Thanks. We will try this on our next batch of fryers and see if there is a tenderness difference. Aging is a bit of a pain because we have limited fridge space and process litters in one or two days.
  16. BuffBrahmaBantam

    Crossbreeding meat rabbits? Yes or no?

    Those are beautiful rabbits! We have kits from a chinchilla/rex cross right now. We were originally planning to butcher the whole litter, but now will think about saving a doe. It is great to hear others’ experience.
  17. BuffBrahmaBantam

    How to age rabbit in the fridge after butchering - dry or wet?

    Is the meat tender with this method?
  18. BuffBrahmaBantam

    I new at breeding

    I agree with Rabbitsofthecreek. They need more hay. I also recommend making your hutches more secure. It looks like the lids could be opened by a raccoon or similar sized animal. Are the lids latched at night? Small predators could slip in through the crack in the lid in the one hutch. Is that...
  19. BuffBrahmaBantam

    I new at breeding

    I agree that does not look normal for kindling. Could there be a predator biting your buns and pulling hair through the underside of the cage? Don’t know the specifics of your set up, but if that is possible I’d look into it immediately. Tell us more about your set-up and how your rabbits are...