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    new kits and freezing temps

    A nesting box full of hay is what we use. But may be kinda cold for newborns. Only because it popped into my peebrain. Moving the pregnant do I've had issues with stressing the doe. Moved her pen , don't know if it was because she was near the buck or exactly what. She threw her kits soon...
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    Getting cold outside

    It that time of the year where it can get n stay cold for weeks. Only-15 now. Mostly concerned about our new buck. 12 weeks little over 5 pounds. So should have some fat on him. Our does are inside our greenhouse and have hutches. He has an area blocked off to hold hay. Use a small handful...
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    Winter is coming, bedding

    Yeppers 12 degrees now. Rabbits are doing good. I guess we're lucky to not have rabbits that poo in their box. Actually we did nothing. We put the boxes in after they have been in their pen a bit. They already have a routine. The does get their first box when they are 25 days pregnant and the...
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    Weight of meat kits & breeds/mixture.

    We weigh the final product. And average 2-1/2# per frier. I believe that it is an average liter weight. Some weigh more and less than the 5# live, 2--1/2# dressed average we set as our goal. New Zealand, Californian cross
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    Winter is coming, bedding

    We keep boxes in the pens pretty much year round for the does. Buck gets one in winter. Our rabbits keep the boxes very clean. And they poo in a corner. I put hay in the boxes. Gets cold in ak and -40 is common. And we feel that they need the extra protection.
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    Anyone feed organic pellets?

    We buy local made pellets. Ak mill n feed. I believe they are organic or at least no added components to the label describing the contents.
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    Meat rabbit breed of choice

    Good care is about making sure you're animals are well fed and safe. We have thousands of dollars n hours invested. I want the best return. Healthy, happy, clean, energetic leads to the best return. And animal husbandry is important to our families homeschooling program. It's important for...
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    Meat rabbit breed of choice

    We have a Californian buck n black New Zealand does. Based on meat to bone ratio and grow out rate. Our kits are averaging 5 pounds at 12 weeks live. Our Californian buck acts like a californian beach bum. Cool mellow dude. Does, one is fantastic. Big litters, accepts orphans, great...
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    Hay Racks - what’s the point?

    I've tried many things. Found that they will eat more if it's easier. The price of hay compared to what it took to get friers is hay is cheap. Rabbits like to chew. Hay keeps them happy. I try to only feed what they eat in a day plus a bit. And use the hat to absorb the urine. Then...
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    Chewy rabbit...what did I do wrong?

    We try to reach 5# average live weight. 2-1/2# dressed by 12 weeks. Friers is what the industry calls them. As they get tougher with age. And meat growth slows while appetites increases. Most trying to get tender rabbit meat. Cooking similar size pieces helps. When we process n freeze. We...
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    NZ 8 week old kits

    We raise NZ. Your kits seem to be doing well. Our goal is 5lbs live weight in 12 weeks. 2-1/2# dressed. We remove kits at 6 weeks. Kits receive pellets, hay full time, we give them fresh greens daily, dandelions to fireweed, trees or brush like willow, birch, poplar give them needed vitamins n...
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    The second one is similar to our black New Zealand rabbits
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    Show me your hutches!

    We use heated water bowls. The ones made in Minnesota. 2 pens share 1 bowl. Which is placed in the middle. And has a guard to keep kits from going through. They'll try. With 4 rabbits in the greenhouse 2 on each side. Other than the box which we keep full of hay that they can borrow into...
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    Rabbits or not

    Great story Latch. Your instincts towards animal husbandry will have long lasting effects. Having your children known where food comes from. Processing n preparing your protiens. Foraging, learning about the different plans in your area and how to use them. We raised rabbits for meat when...
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    Why New Zealand, Californian kits

    I was recently asked. Why we selected New Zealand and Californian mix. We believe that the best value for our meat needs is this combination. Beautiful wife didn't like red eyed rabbits so we bought pure breed New Zealand black does. 3. And a purebred Californian buck. Reddy...
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    ALL baby bunnies died from the same litter! Please help idk what to do :(

    I would put a water bottle in. They can drip so I wired a little metal bowl under it. Just spitballing here. If the doe isn't getting enough water maybe she isn't giving enough milk to the kits. They need water full time. It looks like the doe does not have full access to nurse when she wants/...
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    What age to dispatch?

    To weigh them they can be placed in a 5 gallon bucket. The lid can be placed on it to hold them or make it darker. We butcher our friers at 12 weeks old.
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    Mulching manure

    Actually with the big mulcher it would eat through it but then I ended up drying it out on a tarp spread out in the sun. Figured with the electric mulcher it may work better drying first. No it's wet down in the middle of the pile as it was rained on m such. Good for all the microbial organisms...
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    Mulching manure

    You should be ok. Just put smaller portions in. I will need to spread the compost out on a tarp n let the sun dry t out a bit. Too wet to mulch it and it balls things up. Adding woody material helps the overall tilth of the soil. Leaves n such are good. Your plants will like you makes good...
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    Help! Best ways to cull 2-3 week old kits.

    For me. Knowing when an animal suffer and being able to deal with it in a humane way is part of animal husbandry. No telling what the hips look like under the skin. Pinching nerves n such. I can say this. I do not like dispatching animals, especially a pet. But I also know that I don't...