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  1. ButtonsPalace

    How do I treat fleas?

    I'm gonna try to keep this short.. I live with my in-laws they can't afford to keep their animals flea treated. Despite my best efforts to keep the fleas down they have finally infested the rabbits. I have premethrine for the floors and walls as soon as I'm over this cold. But what can I put on...
  2. ButtonsPalace

    Animal For Sale Free rabbits to good home

    Burnsville, NC-Willing to travel 1hr+ if you can help cover my gas fees to do so (this also depending on distance) I have 1 male purebred black silver fox about 3 years old, has had a few nice litters, is a bit timid at first in the sense he'll hide in the corner as if you're going to murder...
  3. ButtonsPalace

    Need a large indoor hutch, would this work?

    Aivituvin-AIR19 Indoor Outdoor Rabbit Hutch | Bunny Cage (Inner Space 9.6ft²) That's the biggest cage I've found so far, he was about 10lbs but has lost a bit as he's aged. I want to bring him inside and let him live his final years out in an awesome space surrounded by the people that love...
  4. ButtonsPalace

    Old buck has lost weight

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but.. Mutah, the buck who is roughly 6 now, the rabbit who survived his back legs being temporarily paralyzed.. Has now became an old man, he's always been a bit hunched up in the back since his injury but otherwise is completely fine. Today I...
  5. ButtonsPalace

    UTI treatment questions

    I've looked and looked and can't find anything about what to give a rabbit with a possible UTI other than vet. With all this Sars scare that's just not possible for me. I was wondering what might help from home, she's been in pain relief meds and gas drops (both infant) for the past few days and...
  6. ButtonsPalace

    Need help sourcing cage materials

    I was about to start slowly building some new cages, something I've needed to do since I started basically. I know how I want to build it and was gonna use yardgate wire from Amazon as it's held up well when I used it in the past. Well prices have skyrocketed on that wire and the 1"x1" wire is...
  7. ButtonsPalace

    Hay nets for rabbits

    I feel silly for even asking this.. But if I bought a hay net for the colony, would they just chew holes through it? What if I made a hay net out of some kind of wire? What kind of wire would I use? What guage? Has anyone trooped this before? I'd like something I can also make a downsized...
  8. ButtonsPalace

    Goat kid foaming from mouth and nose after pellets.

    So my little 1.5month old (I've been told) Dwarf Pygmy Nubian/Lamancha cross. Mom is a Pygmy Nubian and Dad is Lamancha/Nubian. They've been eating pellets fine since about 2weeks old. Last week she was eating and kinda started coughing/choking, strained to pee and then started screaming, I...
  9. ButtonsPalace

    ISO: Hay near Burnsville NC

    I pay $5 for a square bale currently but am willing to pay up to $8 ($8 is feed store price, but I'd like to find something of better quality) I've been buying 3 bales at a time otherwise the 4th typically molds. I'm buying for goats and rabbits, so preferably no alfalfa.
  10. ButtonsPalace


    Well this is a fun story! My boyfriends step-dad (We'll call him Jim) has goats. It started as 2 females, then not long after I moved in Jim added Pumpkin (our first male) Obviously they had babies, one set of twins from Buttercup, a boy ( Pumpkin Jr. aka Jr.) and a girl (Fluffernut), the other...
  11. ButtonsPalace

    How do I start a garden?

    Before I start, I've linked everything below. So, I've never started my own garden, I have no clue where to start and last year everything I grew died after it sprouted. This year I plan to start over with all new everything, but I have no clue how much to get, what brands are better than what...
  12. ButtonsPalace

    Is it worth it to breed and have someone else dispatch?

    So, over the past couple years, I have bred a ton of rabbits and been selling them for $5 a piece to a girl who butchers and sells the meat. I don't have the space, nor am I in a good location to process, we live right off a main highway and I had been processing in the carport but it's a...
  13. ButtonsPalace

    Do dogs sweat?

    I have a sweet little Rat terrier that has been sweating or somehow getting very moist any time she is laying on any fabric, she sleeps in a fully open metal dog crate on a pillow at night, it takes her 3-4 days and the pillow is soaked and stinks, she stinks as well. When I had her on a raw...
  14. ButtonsPalace

    Dog head tremors

    I don't know where to begin with this so I'll start with what's happened leading up to this point. About a week ago Mulligan (Jack Russel mix dog, 1 year, 1 month old) got sick, throwing up occasionally, lost his appetite, had some diarrhea, the first day he only ate rice and broth. The second...
  15. ButtonsPalace

    Need help finishing rabbit feet

    So I've put these feet through the 48 hours of alcohol, 24ish (i was at quirk so they sat an extra 5 hours) in a 15:1 water to borax solution, they should be dry by now, the pic is from last night. My question is what now? Do I sew the tops closed and cap'em?
  16. ButtonsPalace

    Livestock swaps

    Anyone know where I might find some info about where NC livestock meets will be this year? I've found several chicken ones but no "livestock" or "rabbit" swaps. Also pros and cons of buying/selling? I have 3 bucks that I've had about 1-2 years and I'd love for them to go to nice homes to be...
  17. ButtonsPalace

    I GOT A JOB!!!!!

    Yep you heard me right. I finally did it! I finally got a good job! $10 an hour as a dishwasher under a well known chef! I love the job too! I do kitchen prep work when I don't have dishes to do so I'm also learning to cook! It's such a great working environment! Won't be long till I'll be...
  18. ButtonsPalace

    Looking for work in NC

    I wasn't sure where to go with this, but I'm looking for a job or odd jobs, I'm looking to do farmwork, and do have a partner who is also looking for work if it's a 2-person job or more job. I'm asking $10 an hour for hard labor. If you know of anyone in or around Burnsville, NC please tell them...
  19. ButtonsPalace

    Done with fleas!

    So my pup's had fleas and I've done everything, DE, garlic, peppermint oil and lavender oil, so far the only thing that's slightly helped is a coconut oil with citronella oil mixed into it, I cover him in it and it keeps the fleas at bay until the smell wears off. So here's my question, what do...
  20. ButtonsPalace

    How old is too old for breeding?

    I have a beautiful, sweet now 4 year old REW doe, she's struggled the last two litters and had 1 DOA in each. I'm thinking it was because she was fat, as I had realized between litters she didn't lose as much weight as they normally do, so I've cut back on her feed quite a bit, she's been way...