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  1. Forrest Cerda

    Polish rabbit advice

    Hi everyone. I'm a new rabbit breeder that started with NZ but a health condition has made it hard for me to handle their size. I started to look for much smaller buns and came upon a Polish rabbit breeder. I don't have any experience with showing and the breeder says they are show quality, will...
  2. Forrest Cerda

    Can someone tell me whats wrong with my doe?

    I just purchased this girl a few weeks ago. At the time of purchase she was fine and I did not notice any health conditions. 2 days ago I noticed something was wrong with her face. I originally thought that one side was swelling, but I believe that the smaller side is tighter? I'm not sure how...
  3. Forrest Cerda

    Hey there! New member :)

    Hello everyone. New member and beginner rabbit breeder. I am located in southern California and currently have Standard Rex and New Zealands. I am here to learn and any beginner advice would be much appreciated 🙃