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  1. FunnyFarm5

    Mom using nesting box as a toilet. Will this work?

    Hi guys! This is my first litter so I’m learning as I go. Kits are 16 days old today and are crawling out of the nesting box, so I removed it and put a shallow box in its place with straw so they have somewhere warm to sleep. As soon as I did this I noticed mom is using it as a toilet instead...
  2. FunnyFarm5

    What colour are my kits?

    Hey everyone! I’m brand new to rabbits and am having a hard time figuring out genetics. I had an accidental litter and I’m wondering what colours I ended up with. Mom is a broken black, dad is either a VM harlequin or a blue tri. All are purebred Holland Lops. I will attach pictures! They are...