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  1. Rogers92

    Rabbit shed upgrade

    Okay as promised I finally took some pics of our chicken coop that we converted into a rabbit shed.. I went with a shelf because hanging cages scares me. We havent got the other 2 large cages for the does (I dont have the does just yet) but they will go to the right. I do have a heat lamp in...
  2. Rogers92

    Two bucks no does

    I'm just starting out so things are a bit slow. I want to have a breeding pair of meat rabbits and a breeding pair of smaller rabbits to sell as pets. I started off with a standard rex buck.. I just got my smaller buck today. They had their first interaction and it actually went really really...
  3. Rogers92

    Cage size

    What's the minimum cage size a standard rex should be housed in?
  4. Rogers92


    My name is Katie. I havent started my breeding journey just yet (only have a buck so far). But I love that I found RT. I need to find a standard rex doe before I can start with that breed. I am so very excited thanks for having me.
  5. Rogers92

    In need of tips/tricks

    I'm going to go ahead and apologize if this Is not is the correct place, or if this has already been posted. I've been thinking about breeding for a while now and was hoping to get some tips/tricks to help make this go easier. I do have a buck named Roger, he was a show bun but was sold to the...