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  1. Secuono

    What colors are these?

    Silver Fox × NZ/Rex My color guesses- Solids-1 black, 2 blue. Brokens-3 black, 1 blue. What do you think they are??
  2. Secuono

    Anyone vaccinate or used the test?

    Has anyone tried the test? What about the vaccine?
  3. Secuono

    Exterior nestboxes?

    Has anyone bought or made nestboxes that are hooked on to the outside? I'd prefer that vs putting a box in & reducing space for 2-3wks. They're usually hooked onto the door hole. If you have, can you share pictures & links where you got them? Are there any places for cheap? I'm thinking of...
  4. Secuono

    Not new, but returning!

    I quit in 2014, but sheep tastes terrible. When it is good, it's still difficult to eat a lot of it or often. I'll be trying grain fed sheep, but grass fed is too gamey. So, I want a different meat source. Might have found three cages that can stack. Next is some rabbits! I'll have to build...
  5. Secuono

    Animal Wanted ISO Cages/Rabbits, VA/MD/PA/WV

    Hello. I'm considering getting back into rabbits for meat. Searching for cages & high quality, fast growing meat lines. I'm in Virginia, but will travel up to a few hours if both are available, less if just one.
  6. Secuono

    ISO Top Quality Meat Stock in VA/MD

    I am considering getting a pair or trio of top high quality meat rabbits. Any breed or breeds, must grow quickly on pellet feed alone, decent litter size and good survival. Hay will be given. Near breeding age preferred. I need pictures, weights, ect before choosing. Pedigree not necessary, all...
  7. Secuono

    AR madness is real and it's closer to you than you realize

    Hello, I'm back to post a chat I just had with a fellow who came by for some fish. He used to live in my county and he had one heck of a horror story to tell me about his personal living heck he had with a crazed animal rights woman. Most of you, like I used to think, believe that AR madness...
  8. Secuono

    Silver Fox rabbitry sell out

    Last one- Big, blue Silver Fox buck, pedigreed, $60 January 10th, 2014
  9. Secuono

    You win

  10. Secuono

    Nearly done with the Rabbit House

  11. Secuono

    What the bananas is "brun"????

    Ok, I asked before on Facebook, but I still don't get it. What is "brun"??? Is it just any brown rabbit? Or mutt rabbits? A mythical breed of rabbit? ???
  12. Secuono

    CKCS, you have Grandbuns!

  13. Secuono

    When picking out largest and fastest....

    ....Will saving back the buck be even worth it? I have three SF bucks, really don't want any more, but all three aren't much in size. There's 4 in her first litter, 2 smallest bucks, 1 doe and then a gap up to the biggest buck. I'm really hoping this 'buck' switches to a doe! She should have...
  14. Secuono

    Avoid this sorry excuse for a man!
  15. Secuono

    New cages! Pictures

    Got two of these cages, one is 36x24, other is 36x30. Previous owner divided them into 6 and 9 holes. I kept the 30 a 6 hole and turned this previously 9 hole 36 into a 6 hole as well. Pictured cage is in it's temporary spot, it'll be moved once the coop and rabbit house is done. If I can get...
  16. Secuono

    Chocolate furball

    MODs please delete this thread, deal fell through. sorry =(
  17. Secuono

    Cattle panel shelters, Uber easy!

    So I hand made nearly a ton of hay this weekend! Put it on 4 pallets and then it started to rain. Ran around like a headless chicken, gathering tarps, bags, anything waterproof and tossing it onto my precious hay stash! Today I took out the two 16ft cattle panels on the pony's side of the barn...
  18. Secuono

    Little bun molt pics

    You can hardly tell these buns are molting at all! Lionheads have gotten their new fur along the back, does the wool molt? Only the orange doe has obvious molting spots, other two just suddenly feel more soft. :? Only the choc buck wanted to make a cute pose. LHs wanted to leave with the buck...
  19. Secuono

    Cage Cards

    Are these good? Kintraks failed me again and I had already tossed the paper I wrote the info on... Permanent in Sharpie; Name, Color, DOB, Breed, Ear #, Bred to & Bred date. I'll be writing everything else in a real pencil [not a mechanical pencil, easier to erase]. Current age will be under the...
  20. Secuono

    Meat guinea pigs are 6-8 pounds!!

    Did you guys know there's two types of GP? The pet guinea pig, growing to a max of about 3 pounds and then there is the Cuy, they grow 6 to 8 pounds! So then, how do you get a meat pig? Looks like California petstores import Cuy! Does anyone have these massive pigs...