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    Questions on starting new colony.

    Newbie here. Just got my first rabbits one week ago. A trio of silver fox. Want to try a colony. The book I bought on colony raising said start them together young. They are currently in a tractor type set up as I build my larger shed and run. It is roughly 4x10, has an insulated box at one end...
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    Thank you all!

    Just want to say thank you to all who share info and questions. It's helped me learn some before bringing animals home. I finally got my first rabbits. Silver fox. A black doe ( Shadow) a blue doe ( Bluebelle) and a chocolate buck ( count Chocula). So excited!!
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    Can CWD affect rabbits?

    I may be paranoid but was wondering if any of you know or read anything about CWD? We have deer that wander thru yard. For years their deposits have been shoveled up and put in gardens. Now we are told there is CWD brought in by a local game farm importing infected deer to wisconsin from...
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    New member introductions

    Hi from northern Wisconsin, USA. Retired, garden nut, art explorer. Want to try raising silver fox rabbits and quail. Trying to learn and set up before bring animals home. Thrilled to find this community of people willing to share. Thank you!