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  1. Jessica's Rabbits

    Hello from Humboldt

    Hello Rabbit Talk! This is my first time joining any kind of online group and I am finding it very helpful. So, I would like to introduce myself to become a better member. I am 36 in Eureka, Ca. Almost 10 years ago we owned a gardening companion for the forest garden my partner has developed in...
  2. Jessica's Rabbits

    Can pregnant doe continue to stay with her sister?

    While fixing the roof on my large corral for two sister bunnies, I placed a tarp on top for protection. Well, it was one windy day and the tarp fell in, and Maple got out. She encountered our free roaming buck... her Dad. When I found them, they were snuggling. So, I assume they had plenty of...
  3. Jessica's Rabbits

    Pregnant doe filling in her burrow?

    I have a pregnant doe who has previously kindled in a burrow in the yard. (This was when I thought her best friend was a girl...) Since then she has had other babies inside the large hutch I built for her, with a separate, enclosed space for her littles. Well, now she is pregnant again and began...