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    New here and looking for specifickind of pelts

    Americans have a very dense coat. They used to be real popular for fur and meat. They were basically replaced with New Zealands and Rexs. They come in Blue and White. Quick test for a Possible American is to rub the fur against the grain. An American will return to original position by itself...
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    Cleveland TN

    Hello fellow Clevelander, I raise American rabbits, Been at it over a year now. Heat has not really been an issue for me. My rabbits are kept in deep shade, they are never in direct sunlight. I am sure heat effects different types of rabbits differently. To date I have lost only one rabbit, and...
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    How long do pellets last?

    Tucker milling offers a non GMO rabbit pellets it is a premium pellet with vitamins and minerals added. They are located in Alabama. I live in Tennessee and can get them at local feed store
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    Water Bottles are freezing! How do I stop it?

    I tried using a small recirculating pump and when rabbits drank water would spray out of nipple. I ended up using a five gallon bucket set a little higher than nipples and let gravity feed the water. I put heat trace around bucket and down the water line and insulated been down to 19 degrees...
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    Help needed with automatic watering system w/ 5 gal bucket and 1/2” pvc

    Here are pics of my system internal and external I used O rings on my system, I have two different systems this one is ten gallons and used Electrical fitting Myers hub, Other system I used plastic 1/2 inch electrical nut on a male to female adapter with o ring on outside. You can get bulkhead...