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  1. Shea

    What color did I end up with here? Satins.

    Thought I would share a few more pics now that their eyes are open.
  2. Shea

    What color did I end up with here? Satins.

    I like the depth of color in the black tort. The red with black belly fur makes a gorgeous pelt. And I want a coat in that color. 😁 Do you know how red would be written out? Genetics wise?
  3. Shea

    What color did I end up with here? Satins.

    The last one is not a tort so no idea yet on that one. Thinking orange for the first. And the 2nd is some version of tort, will be very pretty Im sure.
  4. Shea

    What color did I end up with here? Satins.

    Standard satins. I've been breeding towards Black tort with this line for awhile. Have had too much blue in the line to hit it regularly. Finally got a halfway decent black tort buck, bred back to 2 chestnut half sisters and get these in the resulting litters. Original stock did not carry rew or...
  5. Shea

    Wonderful rabbit recipes

    How did you find deboning the rabbits? Its not something I tend to do raw, takes me too long.
  6. Shea

    Jaw abscess, tooth growing in bottom jaw?

    I gave her a dose of asprin. All I had on hand. Might call around and get quotes from the vets in the area.
  7. Shea

    Jaw abscess, tooth growing in bottom jaw?

    I have a 5 yr old doe who has been loosing weight. Lost her full sister earlier this year to weight loss, no cause found. Thought it was a feed issue, didnt notice any adnormalities. Today I found an abscess under her bottom jaw. Brought her in opened and cleaned it. Found what feels like a...
  8. Shea

    Okay to eat a rabbit with a jaw abscess?

    I have a doe that has been on my cull list for months. An injury saw me with no use of my right arm so she has had a pass. But I'm healed up to a mostly useable state and this doe has Another jaw abscess. Same spot as her last 2 months ago. I had cleaned and drained as best I could one handed...
  9. Shea

    Playing with the pelts

    If stored vaccum sealed in the freezer they will last a while. But you can run into the priblem of the fur insulating skin so bits of flesh don't freeze fast enough and can rot. I have air dried a few, but my critters kept getting into them. Switched to salting and havent had a chance to go...
  10. Shea

    Early mustaching

    It depends on the doe. I have one who if she Dosen't start nesting at 14 days she didn't take. And a few who if they do the same missed that breeding. Best to record when you see nest building and just keep track.
  11. Shea

    Necropsy pics. Stopped drinking and eating.

    My meat mutt doe stopped drinking and eating visibly 3 days ago. Yesterday I cleaned her bowls, gave her fresh well water, new hay. Tried calf manna,oats no luck. I had stopped to picked up some apples and fresh willow after work today. Too late. I added some bentonite clay to the rain barrel I...
  12. Shea

    Guessing Color Genotypes - Please help!

    I would say a problem with his pedigree then. Probably a different sire then whats listed if you are sure the chocolate is his mom.
  13. Shea

    Guessing Color Genotypes - Please help!

    Do you have a picture of him?
  14. Shea

    going from whole to ground - tips?

    You typically use fat straight. If its already rendered I believe it would "leak" right out of the sausage. And I dont think it would mix in right.
  15. Shea

    How hot is too hot for hide breaking?

    Might want to look for a used gas dryer, and just dont hook any gas up. Would just blow and tumble that way.
  16. Shea

    Couple Questions

    I use kintraks for pedigree and breeding records. I think its PC only though.
  17. Shea

    Rat breeding for cats.

    Would your cat even eat captured rats? Mine won't touch something if they didn't hunt it themselves. If you have access to some nail polish, not red, that is a good way to mark small animals. I've put dots between the ears so they cant lick/chew it off.
  18. Shea

    Hind end paralysis and possibly blind?

    Figured I would share the conclusion pic. He definately had a broken back. In the 2 days I gave him for a miracle recovery he developed sores on his inner thigh, urine scald and was well on his way to a bladder rupture. I thought he had been peeing but it must have been leakage. Managed to...
  19. Shea

    Hind end paralysis and possibly blind?

    Freezer camp it is. He is not 100% blind but just about, and no feeling whatsoever in the rear This really sucks, end of his line he is and we had really high temps early on in the season so I didn't get a spring litter out of him. Any reason not to eat him or feed the organs to the dogs?
  20. Shea

    Hind end paralysis and possibly blind?

    Yeah, no reaction to the pinched toes and he is dragging all his bits. He is in a small cage craddled by two hay flakes. A break is def possible.