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    Need help rat problem near rabbit cages

    Okay so there's this 1 rat that lives under our shed at first the rat was going in my cages and getting the rabbit food then it started taking newborn babies hairless and small but I never actually saw him do it but then I did see him take the bunny's and go back under the shed or tear whole...
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    How would i go about starting new pedigree

    Hello I'm wondering how I'd go about starting a new pedigree line
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    Need help naming my 3 new mini rexes

    1 is a castor buck 9 weeks he's the chill sweet one 1 is a tri doe 9 weeks she seems to be shy and a little curious 1 is a broken blue doe 14 weeks and she's out going and always want attention Pictures of each Broken blue she wouldn't pose for me she just wanted to pose her own way
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    Mini rex show color question

    Is tri a recognized color in ARBA for show I'm getting 3 pedigreed mini rexes who come from show quality lines 1 is broken blue female 1 castor male and 1 tri female the lady is a registered ARBA breeder and they come from good lines no vm or vc in the lines also I need good recommendation on...
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    Need to know color of this baby purebred mini rex and to know if show quality

    Hello everyone new here I have a little baby mini Rex about 4 weeks old she looks like a blue or some sorta torte I'm just not to good with colors she's a girl brown eyes all white nails healthy just need to know her color and if she'd be considered show quality