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  1. AmysMacdog

    How to use Animax/Calf Manna supplement

    I had a problem with my two American does recently. They both had large litters and the bunnies were thin and one of the mothers was thin so I got some Animax to add to their pellets. I've been giving them a tablespoon twice a day. Everybody is doing fine and has gained weight and I have two...
  2. AmysMacdog

    I brought home another rabbit :( :)

    Congrats Sky! She's beautiful and I'm so jealous about the feed store being so close. That's awesome you get to save $$$ on the feed AND the gas to get there! LOL Cool!!
  3. AmysMacdog

    Isaiah: My newest friend.

    Grumpy you are awesome, bet that lil boy will never forget you and the rabbits. :)
  4. AmysMacdog

    So, Meet my kids

    All your babies are so cute! Love your dobies!! :)
  5. AmysMacdog

    Ive got litters Yeppy

    Congratulations!!! :)
  6. AmysMacdog

    Just when I thought it was over....

    3mina I am so sorry to read this! I hope you can find a place and can move soon so you and your buns will be back together soon. Bless your friend for taking them for you. That was so sweet. [[hugs]]
  7. AmysMacdog

    Pretty excited she took:) (kit pics)

  8. AmysMacdog

    Happy Birthday to JessicaR

    Happy birthday Jessica!! Hope you had a wonderful day today! :hbd:
  9. AmysMacdog

    Just popped in to say Hi and give an update

    Thanks everybody, we've all been talking a lot today. All is going well so far. Right now I have my "old husband here" the one before he got hurt. He's the good sweet guy and a good listener. Hope he stays! :)
  10. AmysMacdog

    Just popped in to say Hi and give an update

    Sorry its taken me so long to come back! If I'm not doing something, i'm taking a nap. LOL The next day mom and I went back to a thrift store we discovered and had bought some nice things from. This time we had goodies with us that the nice lady who owns it might want. She did and we traded for...
  11. AmysMacdog

    Just popped in to say Hi and give an update

    Hi everybody! I've been on vacation! As a lot of you know I was having a tough time with my husband and wellllll he managed to get himself in jail for 30 days and believe it or not I had nothing to do with it! :P He got picked up for driving on a suspended because he wasn't wearing a...
  12. AmysMacdog

    What's with the constant having to log in?

    I've been having that problem too. Its been kinda crazy here so i haven't had time to mess with it. I'll have to try the cookie thingy. :)
  13. AmysMacdog

    hilarious video! Hope the link works, its hilarious!
  14. AmysMacdog

    Happy Birthday to HoppinHalfPints

    Awww I just saw this :oops: so Happy Birthday! :) I hope you had a wonderful day! :hbd:
  15. AmysMacdog

    what happens when MSD & Mystang go car shopping?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: <br /><br /> __________ Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:47 am __________ <br /><br /> :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. AmysMacdog

    So, I quit smoking today

    I'm so happy for you, MidnightCoder. Lots of positive vibes coming your way. I know its hard but you will be so happy you did. I have been a smoker and a non smoker and I'm happiest as a non smoker. I quit 1 year ago yesterday and I love it. The longest I've smoked was like ten years and the...
  17. AmysMacdog

    Non-pregnant doe pulling fur

    Sounds like a false pregnancy to me. I've had girls do that from time to time. I read one time that it can be brought on by the act of petting! Rubbing you rabbits back can cause it. LOL I don't know about that but what I did was bred mine the day after the fur pulling and nest making frenzy...
  18. AmysMacdog

    I'm So Happy, Look Y'all!! :)

    Congratulations!!! That's so cool! :)
  19. AmysMacdog

    I'd like to introduce you to one of my neighbours

    They sure are beautiful little creatures but they sure can do the damage when they want to. I hope he/she is being a good neighbor. :)