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  1. Random Rabbit

    Life Happens .....

    It's been a while since i was on this site. Started getting email notices about RT and thought i would stop by. Lots of big changes ! Glad to see MaggieJ is still supervising us ! Hope the new 'owner' of RT enjoys the group. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the various...
  2. Random Rabbit

    Deciding to get out of a breed

    Best wishes as You go thru college. :) With that education... You can do so much ! The Jersey Woolys will be there when You are ready for them !!!
  3. Random Rabbit

    Rabbit Facebook Groups

    On FB i do have my name.... it is difficult to use a screen name there. :( But i try to be Extremely cautious about my location. I keep it as vague as possible. Even people i know in Real Life i donot readily give out our address. Also in photos... If those are done In the barn...
  4. Random Rabbit

    Wanting to share the new popple love

    Oh how Cute small bunnies are ! And... yes... very fast ! Most of my youngster photos are blurry too. :D
  5. Random Rabbit

    English Angora

    Rabbits do not seem to have that limitation. I've bred first time does that were well over 2 years. They did just fine. :) Guinea Pigs i believe need to be bred at a younger age... due to the pelvic area becoming less flexible as they age.
  6. Random Rabbit

    English Angora

    The slicker will not get to the bottom of the tangles and forming knots. and Will pull a lot. :( Even a shop vac with the blower option would be usable. The first blower i had ... i got from Ebay at around $50. It did the job for quite a while.
  7. Random Rabbit

    English Angora

    As far as grooming... For EAs the very best tool is a blower. With that You can get the tiny webs that are the start of tangles and matts. Combing and / or brushing will break the coat and make it raggity looking. EAs need thorough blowing about once a week to keep the coat in...
  8. Random Rabbit

    Just an Update

    Glad life it giving You some goodies ! Enjoy. Congratulations on the promotion at Your job. When someone shows faith in you... it really builds confidence. While You might be in close quarters... i believe the right place will become available for You. Again ... :congratulations:
  9. Random Rabbit

    Deciding to get out of a breed

    A few years back... i really struggled with giving up a breed we dearly loved. It was so difficult to Make that decision, and i waffled for months, driving both my husband and myself to distraction. I luved that breed... it was the breed that introduced us many years ago. I still find...
  10. Random Rabbit

    Happy, Merry Holidays !!

    Each year i try and try to get a nice photo of the trees sparking with the ice on them. This is about the best i've gotten. Reminds me of the line from "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"..... "Where the tree tops glisten....."
  11. Random Rabbit

    Happy, Merry Holidays !!

    Just want to wish everyone here on Rabbit Talk a very happy, joyous, merry and bright Holiday of what ever variety You may celebrate. Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2018 as well. :cheer1: :cheer2: :fireworks1: :sleighride: :gold-star: :choir...
  12. Random Rabbit

    Cat fight

    I would say that depends on what You feel about it. The rabbit and cat managed for quite a while getting along. The owner might want to re-think how they permit interactions. If You have concerns... You could always just not have any available.
  13. Random Rabbit

    Please welcome our two new Moderators!

    Congratulations! Glad to have you supervising. :)
  14. Random Rabbit

    Organic feed mills in New England

    We use Poulin Rabbit feed. I cannot say that they are " organic " however. They had said at one time that they did not use GMO grains... but that is harder and harder to locate I also do not know if they do bulk feed orders. We have been using their feed for over 7 years now and are...
  15. Random Rabbit

    Thinking of giving up

    Sometimes we need to take a hiatus from various things in our lives. Doesn't make it any easier...but we all go thru it to different degrees. We did take a break from our rabbit passion when the demands of Everyday Real Life got to be more that we could juggle... and the livestock were...
  16. Random Rabbit

    Back, but bunnyless.

    Welcome back HansenHomestead. So sorry You ran into not so nice people on that forum. That seems to happen a lot in some forums. Admins and Moderators can really help set the tone of a site. We are so fortunate here at Rabbit Talk to have super admins and moderators !! Best wishes...
  17. Random Rabbit

    transport cage setup

    in the for what it might be worth department..... When we drove from NY to OK to pick up our nucleus Palomino rabbits... we used the small black cage crocks. Only half filled them... as the rabbits do not usually drink while the car was in motion. Once we stopped for the night... we...
  18. Random Rabbit

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Want to wish all of the Rabbit Talk community a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you all be surrounded with congenial company. May your plates be filled with delicious food. For those that watch football... may your teams win. and... may someone Else clean up the kitchen for you !! :D
  19. Random Rabbit

    Guess Who's Back...

    Welcome Back !!!!! Good luck with the rescue bunnies. They have certainly had a rough time before You !
  20. Random Rabbit

    Worried my kits arnt being fed!

    Newborn kits do look a bit"rough" it takes a few days to begin plumping up. I judge by IF i feel heat when i put my hand near them... they are doing ok. A doe will not stay with the young like dogs and cats do. Being prey animals they try to stay away except for feeding times (once or...