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  1. caroline

    Animal For Sale Maremma x Akbash LGD pair For Rehoming

    These dogs have lived with sheep, rabbits, ducks, and geese from birth in 2015. Their sheep herd has been sold and so they are available in Central California to the right placement. They are both CLIMBERS so their new home MUST gave 7’ NON-CLIMB fence or be on an acreage sufficiently isolated...
  2. caroline

    WTB: Standard Rex buck(s)

    I have raised Standard Rex rabbits in Watsonville, CA for years. I have had a closed herd for health of the rabbits. So far that has worked pretty well, and I still have good sized rabbits. I know that eventually that can change so I would like to be proactive and introduce a couple of unrelated...
  3. caroline

    How long to recover from heat sterility?

    I have heard for years that "bucks go sterile when it's over 90 degrees" WELL, we've had plenty of that here on California's central coast lately. I have spent lots of time making sure that the fans are working, and my improvised cooling system with Goodwill sheets hanging around the barn and...
  4. caroline

    Being FLAGGED by the PETA police

    As I live in a part of the country often labeled as Left coast crunchy surfers blond gourmets of the "In-N-Out" variety and CHILL Well, I will own the crunchy, and am complaining about the NON-CHILL breed of people who seem to scan the CL ads so they can flag and remove ANY mention of...
  5. caroline

    A Couple of Mysterys in in the latest batch

    I just tattooed one of my more interesting litters today & I have a mystery. The Sire is Visionary He is a broken fawn I believe his genotype is Aa Bb C_ dd ee Enen The dam is Safari. She is a Black/Orange Harlequin I believe her genotype is Aa Bb C_ Dd eje enen But because there are...
  6. caroline

    Why is this a good thing?

    I had 13 does bred to kindle this Tuesday. Quite a few had been making their nests for over a week so I was pretty sure who to expect. Lace,my oldest doe, spent a lot of time in the box on Wednesday. When I checked after she was out there was only 1 fat kit. I planned to keep checking to see if...
  7. caroline

    [almost] "free" baby saver cage upgrade

    To convert a standard cage to a "baby saver" cage, I have not seen this suggested, and maybe I just missed it, When I was replacing the floor on set of cages recently I got to thinking about how there are usually only small areas that are rusted through and much of the wire bottom is actually...
  8. caroline

    Could this be a Chocolate/Orange Harlequin?

    One grandparent on each side is a brown carrier. The color looks too light to be a Black/Orange and too dark to be a blue/Fawn Here is a picture of one that is Blue/Fawn
  9. caroline

    Transport Wanted

    I am in Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, California and would like to send rabbits to Los Angeles. Anyone who can transport rabbits from central to southern CA, please let me know. Thanks.
  10. caroline

    Do Charlies have gut issues?

    I read somewhere that a double dose of the En gene can/does result in some kind of gut issues/enteritis. I have hesitated to keep a Charlie doe for that reason. I did keep one a couple of years ago and she DID die while she was pregnant I tried again with a tri charlie doe and she is now...
  11. caroline

    Living Alone Without Being Lonely

    I have lived alone on my 15 acre property for a little more than 2 years since my husband of 42 years died unexpectedly. I am by temperament an introvert, although I am not at all a shy person. Two of my four adult children live nearby and are always willing to help me whenever I ask. They...
  12. caroline

    Has Anyone Transported Rabbits by Air/etc

    I have had an inquiry from someone who says they want rabbits. I live in Central California. They live in MO. I said I would research transport [cost] I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this or who could make suggestions of where to get specific information. I know that...
  13. caroline

    Harlequin Genetics

    Color genetics has always been fascinating to me. It’s one of the reasons I raise rabbits. I raise standard Rex and have had most of the possible colors, except sable and Californian. So I know that my rabbits carry all the major alleles: [A at a B b C c D d E ej] except chd and ch and ED or ES...
  14. caroline

    Craig's List post being "Blocked"

    I would love some help from someone who is more savvy than I must be. I have been posting on CL for years, since September 29, 2009 to be exact. And over the years I have posted a wide variety of things from cars to sheep, rabbits, geese, free windows, manure, free feed sacks, looking for LGDs...
  15. caroline

    Bocelli is a pretty Nurturing Dad

    I raw feed my dogs. Since Nala’s and Bocelli’s litter was whelped in October I have been feeding Nala 2-3 times a day. Bocelli still gets fed once in the evening. For the first 2-3 weeks it seemed like Nala was nursing those pups constantly. She didn’t go far from the barnyard where they were...
  16. caroline

    From Skinny Kits to FAT :)

    In the past I have usually had a supply of dried nettle stalks hanging in my barn to offer to my nursing does. But not right now. I have 8 litters that were kindled on the 9th. Most seemed to be doing well. Some VERY fat but I had 3 litters that had some very skinny kits on day 3-4. I was...
  17. caroline

    Akbash x Maremma LGDs

    Ready to begin training as your livestock guardian after December 19th, both males and females available. Both parents patrol our ranch daily to let the neighboring coyote packs, bobcats, and occasional mountain lions know that they are on duty. Pups are being introduced to our stock: sheep...
  18. caroline

    WARNING: Water Kefir does NOT prevent enteritis

    A while ago I posted about my use of water kefir instead of ACV, apple cider vinegar, in the rabbits’ water. I made the claim/assumption that it would be good for intestinal health. I want to report that, unfortunately, it has NOT proven to be that magic elixir for my rabbits. I used it for...
  19. caroline

    WANTED: transport to convention from N. California

    Hi, I'm in Santa Cruz county, California and have a young man who wants to get 5 Rex from me. I told him that I would see if there was anyone offering transport from near enough to me that it could work. If you are please send me your contact email & I will pass it on to him so that you and...