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    Watering system

    I recently bought a Rex and Silver Fox from a local homestead who's renting a farm property. They have only had their rabbits at this property for a couple months and mentioned they have to haul water in for their rabbits each day, because the on site water isn't working. I offered to ask here...
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    What to do when your rabbit is being resold?

    In this situation, if you wanted the rabbit, it would be fair that you pay the owner what they are asking. It is their rabbit after all.
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    Giant Rex.

    I say go for it! Sounds like a fun project. What would you mix with the Rex to add size? What is the target adult weight for your giant rex? How many litters / generations do you think it will take to find a big rabbit that also carries the Rex genes? I wish I had enough space to have the cages...
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    best way to buy green (untanned) rabbit skins from rabbit farmers?

    Im on the western side of southern ontario or I would give you my skins to practice on. I harvest my rabbits around 10 weeks old so their fur / skin is pretty thin. When I looked at tanning as a hobby I decided that, for the amount of work put into a tanned hide, using tender meat rabbit skins...
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    Temps and wind speed

    I have a setup very similar to yours! I live in Ontario Canada, and it gets down to -20c at the coldest part of the winter. When the weather is wet, and hovering around freezing (like it is this week), I draw a tarp across the front from left to right to block the wind. In the morning I open it...
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    I'm looking for first hand experiences in keeping raccoons away.

    Caught a coon on top of our hutch one night (I have a security camera watching the hutch). The top of the hutch is about 7 feet high. The racoon must have thought the tarp I use for a wind block was a solid branch because he stepped off the hutch onto the tarp and fell straight to the ground. He...
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    Is this buck or doe?

    Looks like a buck to me. Don't be afraid to talk to the breeder and ask for a trade or a refund. If my client wants a Doe and I sell them a buck by accident, I'm more than happy to take it back, or trade for a Doe.
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    Is my rabbit pregant?

    Your rabbit also needs plenty of material to build the nest with. Did you put straw or hay in there as well?
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    Keep or eat

    He looks delicious. Yes the aggressiveness could be passed on but that wouldn't stop me from trying. Ive had some really sweet rabbits come from an aggressive doe (in the end we culled her because getting bit and attacked is not worth it) . I would probably breed him once more and then cull him...
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    What size cage to keep does in

    I'm in a similar situation (limited space). I leave my does in the same cage all year round. Actually all my adult rabbits get 36" wide x 24" deep x18" high. Does are territorial, so I think moving them in and out of eachothers nesting spaces would stress them out. A couple more details might...
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    Looking for meat rabbits is hard in Ireland

    I suggest you get anything you can at this point. You can always upgrade to different stock if you can find them later. Ask local feed suppliers who is buying their rabbit food, they may even be willing to share a name or phone number with you. I found my rabbits talking to the guy who built my...
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    Colony rabbit breeding management

    Hi Cosima, Welcome! Sorry your first litter didn't survive. I had a similar experience with my first litter (I do not have a colony setup). In my opinion the point of a colony is to let the rabbits self regulate. Let the buck and doe sort out when to breed. If it were me I would give the doe...
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    Help needed

    Are you looking for someone to buy your rabbits Seadog? Or do you just need help culling the herd? Where abouts are you located?
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    Introducing dad and kits

    I let my rabbits out together in the yard occasionally (Dad with kits). Usually from 3weeks - 12weeks. I keep a close eye on them. The buck usually gives them a sniff and hops away to rub his chin on stuff. That buck will mount and breed a mature doe in the blink of an eye, but has never tried...
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    The red one looks just like the "New Zealand x Flemish Giants" I bought to start my rabbitry. They were the local cross breed =) Mine were also 11lbs full grown so I suspect they were mostly New Zealand and a tiny bit FG.
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    The new ads sucks data like crazy.

    Or use the brave browser. I haven't seen ads in years, unless i chose to enable them.
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    Meat Guinea Pig Project

    I experimented with Guinea Pigs for meat a few years ago. They were delicious. Looking forward to seeing some updates once you begin breeding them.
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    Orphaned kits at 4 weeks old

    Hay and Pellets should be all they need at this point. Sorry for your loss.
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    Cage on the ground???

    As ladysown pointed out, putting them up on blocks will be much cleaner, and will allow you to easily get under the cage with a rake to clean up. I tried a cage on the ground once and it wasn't acceptable in my opinion.
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    Snuffles question

    I had a case of snuffles run through my rabbitry. I had a buck and three does at the time. The stress of breeding for the first time brought it out in an otherwise healthy doe, and from there it spread to another doe (completely different genetic line) the buck and third doe never showed any...