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    Growth on chin on my Rex

    Can anyone tell we what they s might be?
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    advice needed on new born kits and doe in hot weather

    I had a doe that had nine kits. 3 looked undernourished and once they get left behind, I find they have a hard time fighting for a nipple. What I did was remove four of the biggest and fattest kits for a night. They could stand to miss a meal. This gave the weaker kits a chance to eat...
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    How are you keeping your rabbits cool this really hot "summer" so far?

    I'm in South Carolina and we are in the high 90s already. I have 8 cages outside and I have a water mister strung down the sides. It brings Temps down from 97 to 88 in about 5 minutes. Fans alone can't handle the heat and humidity here.
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    new member

    I'm in South Carolina and we have had a few hot days already and expect high 90s to 100 most of July and August. I put up a misting hose and the rabbits love it. I turn it on when temp hits 88. I too have it so only the front part, about 6 inches, of the cage gets wet. The rabbits seem to...
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    Feeding the Weakest of Litter w/photo

    It worked!! Thank you so much.
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    Help! My does nesting! What do I do?

    Mine kitted on day 33, three days after starting to nest.
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    Feeding the Weakest of Litter w/photo

    WOW. That is so helpful. I've tried taking the little kit out of the box and giving it alone time with mom but mom always seemed empty. I was unaware that the milk would drop as described. Thank you so much.
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    One baby is not getting enough milk

    I have a doe with 9 kits. All seem to be doing well except one. This little fellow fights for a nipple but is being pushed aside. All babies are about 8 days old. Can I take 3 babies out when I think it is almost feeding time, as long as I keep the warm, allowing this little one a better chance?