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  1. hotzcatz

    Show me your hutches!

    Up to a dozen does can all live in one big run. It's about ten feet by three feet so it's a pretty big space. Saves a lot of time when opening one door and putting feed in one big dish will feed a dozen at a time.
  2. hotzcatz

    Dirty fryers

    If there's only eight, process them at home and not worry about cleaning the fur? Maybe in groups of four instead of all eight at once?
  3. hotzcatz

    Back in the game...

    My friends with cows had the same problem with the kids not eating the critters. Glad things are working out for you now that groceries are expensive - apparently everywhere now.
  4. hotzcatz

    Breeding twice?

    You could let them try, if she doesn't lift, well, she should already be bred anyway
  5. hotzcatz

    Show me your hutches!

    The three upper doors and the three lower doors are all the same size for each hutch so they're interchangable. They match the removable floor plates so when a floor plate rots out, it can just be removed and either repaired or replaced instead of having to take the whole hutch apart. There's...
  6. hotzcatz

    How long after tattooing do you wait to sell your rabbits? Do you use balm on the ear, too?

    Usually we only tattoo the rabbits we're keeping. Most folks who buy rabbits from us are only getting one or maybe two so they can tell them apart without tattooing so we've not bothered to tat the rabbits being sold. But, if we were, the buns would go out with a fresh tat. Their new people...
  7. hotzcatz

    Hard time selling rabbits

    Folks are still selling rabbits on FB, they're just not using the word "sale" or "selling". It's all euphemisms such as 'looking to hop to a new zip code' or some such. Then all the sales details are done via FB messenger. Not my favorite way of selling anything. If you have a separate...
  8. hotzcatz

    How do you care for a paralyzed rabbit?

    Not to be harsh, but it was probably the best result. Almost always when young kits aren't fully functional, they don't survive to adulthood. Not that you wouldn't have taken care of him, but had he survived and lived a usual rabbit life of seven to ten years the level of daily care he would...
  9. hotzcatz

    Bonding rabbits from both genders

    Switch them in their spaces so pretty soon they will all smell alike. Bunnies are territorial and scent oriented so if they are swapped back and forth in each other's spaces, pretty soon everywhere will be for the combined herd.
  10. hotzcatz

    Using Grass Clippings in a Yard with a LOT of Wild Rabbits? 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

    They say the RHDV2 virus can last for several months outside of a host. Which means it can be just about anywhere. If someone walks across an infected area and then walks across the grass, is it possible to transfer the virus? Is is possible to grow bushes for them to eat? We grow mulberry...
  11. hotzcatz

    need to sell

    Maybe put a card on the bulletin board at the feed store? List them as farm animals on Craig's List? Pets are usually a 'no-no' on CL, I think, but farm animals seem okay in some areas. Once you get some folks who buy them, then you can hope for repeat customers so it should get easier.
  12. hotzcatz

    Manna Pro Nurse All - Has Anyone Used This?

    We have a recipe for baby bunny milk which uses mostly kitchen ingredients. It's here somewhere, I'll go find it. Okay, I found it. Didja miss me? Here's the recipe: 2 cups of 2% milk 2 egg yolks 2 Tbsp powdered milk 2 Tbsp. corn syrup 1 tsp. bone meal Considering baby bunnies maybe eat...
  13. hotzcatz

    Hello from Aprils Rabbitry from Zimbabwe.

    Aloha April, Bunnies get around to just about everywhere, don't they? Which breeds do you have? Are you anywhere near Victoria Falls? That is an amazing looking place I'd like to visit someday.
  14. hotzcatz

    Grass-fed Rabbits for Human Health?

    Not to take the topic off grass raised versus pellet raised, but cages made with shelving did cause a broken leg before we transitioned away from using the wire shelving for rabbit cage floors. It's excellent for walls and roofs, but no good as a floor since bunny feet can slip through the...
  15. hotzcatz

    Thank you all!

    Lovely trio! So Silver Fox comes in colors other than Silver? (Who knew?) Do the blues and browns eventually become silvered?
  16. hotzcatz

    Can I move my doe and her kits? Double pregnancy

    If the reason you want the doe in a different cage is for when the little ones come out of the nest, you've got about ten days or so before that would happen, wouldn't it? Would it be good to wait a bit so she can settle into being a mum bun? Maybe if all the nesting materials were shifted...
  17. hotzcatz

    Can Does Have Kits Together?

    As with many things rabbit, I'm guessing the answer is 'it depends'. There were two does here who were determined to have their babies in the same nest. The big hutch has temporary separators between sections since it's all one gender in each of the big hutches so if the bunnies do manage to...
  18. hotzcatz

    Chip Updates

    Hope he doesn't get bit! I keep expecting that to happen when one of the boyos here can't find the right end of a doe, but so far nobunny's been bitten. Does that actually ever happen, do you think?
  19. hotzcatz

    Any Suggestions For My Logo?

    Yup, what ROC said! The business card shaped one is a better presentation. The other would be a good shape for a bottle label or a label for bags of 'natural fertilizer'? If it were me, I'd find a euphemism for 'meat producer'. Starting out with a 'friendly pet' is all warm and fuzzy, but...
  20. hotzcatz

    Hi everyone

    Sometimes the ones that started out tiny end up being the largest as an adult. Glad to hear it figured out how to eat finally. Still, if you're able to remember which one it is later, I'd not opt for it to be a breeder unless it's got some other better characteristics. Breed the best, eat the...