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    Mini Rex breeding herd

    I would like to add another color to our herd, but not sure what color would be best to add....I was thinking black. Our does are blue and otter. Our bucks are broken black otter and opal. Let me know what you think!
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    Remark cards

    What does it mean "Remark cards will NOT be used" at a show? Do I have to do any thing different for the show?
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    NZ nose marking

    Is this making a disqualification or fault? Do I need to worry about genetics?
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    Show day must have

    My family is new to showing! We have been watched a few local shows but haven't shown yet! What are your must have for show day for the rabbits and our family?
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    Chew toys & twigs

    What are your rabbits favorite things to chew on? What do you use for toys? What type of branches/wood? TIA!