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  1. sophonax

    Help identifying this colour?

    Hey all, I'm fairly new to breeding rabbits and learning about their coat color genetics and I'm really unsure on this kit. Sire is a sable marten, Dam is a Californian, and if you look at this kit it looks kind of silver but there are very clear pure white areas too. It looks like a silvery...
  2. sophonax

    Question about purebred and crossbred rabbits

    This is my third time writing out and trying to formulate this question :). I breed Californian and New Zealand rabbits for meat and I try to use every part of my rabbits, including the fur. Recently I have absolutely fallen in love with the Rex fur and acquired 2 rex bucks to add to my herd. I...
  3. sophonax

    Rabbit with Creamy Mustard Sauce

    Hey all, I thought I'd make my first contribution to the recipe forum with a firm favourite in our house, rabbit with creamy mustard sauce. Ingredients 4 back rabbit legs (or one whole rabbit in pieces, your choice) One large onion roughly chopped 2-3 garlic cloves 200g (7 ounces) of bacon...
  4. sophonax

    Hello from Scotland!

    Hey everyone, I started raising New Zealand's and Californians about 6 months ago for meat. I recently got a couple of Rex bucks and I'm absolutely in love with them. So now I'm looking to breed the rex fur into my meat rabbits so I not only have home raised meat, I'll also be able to use that...