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    Hutch division/sharing questions

    Not entirely sure this is the right forum, but I'll go ahead anyways- I'm making a bunch of hutches as I want to get rabbits, probably in the spring. Was supposed to this year but those plans fell through. I have one long wooden one, about 8 feet long and 30" deep, that I can divide into half...
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    Seed swap??

    Kind of unrelated to rabbits, but given feeds and such, maybe a bit relevant. At the very least, I'm sure there are a few people on here who garden. Basically, since seeds where a bit tricky to find last spring,and I doubt it'll be much better this year, does anyone want to do any swapping? Not...
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    Feeding grass/types of grass

    So I have a fair grasp on local plants and what I can feed my rabbits when I hopefully get them next year- I want to feed as much foraged stuff as possible along with a bit of pellets and hay. Wild grasses though- I assume they can eat pretty much any variety? Are some worse or better, and is...
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    Hutch build idea

    So recently I was at a thrift store and I happened upon several lengths of wire shelving for very cheap. I've done research on it for use in hutches, and came to the conclusion that it wasn't ideal, but it was so cheap I bought it anyway. My plan is to build several hutches that will have...
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    Cage bottom idea- good or bad?

    I need some advice- I'm trying to find reasonably priced materials for making a few cages for when I get rabbits. Problem is, while I can find suitable material for the sides, it's been impossible to find any 1"×.5" wire that I wanted for the bottom here in Canada. All I found was a few things I...
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    Ticks and rabbits

    Hey all, hope you're fairing well! Brainstorming for the arrival of my rabbits in a few months, and I had a thought. I have a large fenced pen area in my yard where I let my hens roam, but theres only three chickens, and loads of room, so i thought it might be interesting to give the future...
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    Thoughts on winter grasses?

    Hey all, hope everyone's keeping safe and well! Anyway, I went for a hike today (first really nice day here- wore t-shirt the whole time, first day of the year that was possible!), and after seeing all the dead and dried standing grasses largely unburied from snow now, I had a thought. Is that...
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    Feeding meat rabbits in extreme cold environments

    Hey all, wasn't sure if I should post this in the main feeding section cause I didn't want to upset anyone who didn't want to think about meat rabbits. Anyways, I'm thinking of starting a meat rabbit project largely for my own meat- just a buck and a doe to start. I want to feed a base of...