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  1. KelleyBee

    Will this snake eat my kits?

    I'm pretty certain it's a garter snake. Harmless to me and a friend to have in my garden, but this one has decided to move in under my breeder hutch. I've got 2.5 week old kits, 4 week old kits, 8 week old kits and 4 litters due in 1.5 weeks. Should I be concerned?
  2. KelleyBee

    Feeding the Weakest of Litter w/photo

    I’ve tried hand feeding the littlest ones. I found it mostly ineffective. Then I stumbled upon this excellent approach, and with so many questions popping up about unfed babies, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned to be most effective: Because rabbits feed only once or twice a day, it is safe...
  3. KelleyBee

    Rabbit sold has died. What happened?

    On March 26th, 2022, I sold a single buck to a buyer. This evening she contacted me to tell me she came home from work to find him lying dead in his outdoor hutch. On the day I sold him, he was 13 weeks, 1 day old and weighed 4lb 7oz on the day he left here. Today, he would have been 4 months, 5...
  4. KelleyBee

    Playing with the pelts

    So, I have air dried 11 pelts. No, these are not quality pelts, except one from a 9 month rabbit I recently culled (her pelt is not pictured). Has anyone air dried and proceeded with tanning from here? I've read conflicting info, which is why I'm asking. Some say air dry then tanning is...
  5. KelleyBee

    Breeding out a breed?

    Is it possible through a certain amount of generations to breed out a breed from a mixed rabbit? I have NZ/Cal mixed rabbits. I would like to go in reverse and have as close to pure Californians and New Zealands if possible. Can I do this with my herd through selection, i.e. correct black calif...
  6. KelleyBee

    List of unsafe plants

    I thought some might find these resources helpful. I would not assume a plant is safe just because it is not on these lists. Instead, these lists are useful as a way to confirm if a plant should be avoided. Use due diligence to be sure your plant is safe by also cross checking “safe” plant lists...
  7. KelleyBee

    Animal Wanted New Zealand White (albino)

    I'm seeking purebred w/pedigree New Zealand white (albino). I am in Southwestern PA. Anyone nearby?
  8. KelleyBee

    Glechoma hederacea -Creeping Charlie?

    So, which is it? Safe or not safe? Does anyone have the definitive answer?
  9. KelleyBee

    Animal For Sale Silver Fox Rabbits Rare Breed w/Pedigree $50

    Silver Fox rabbit kits will be ready for new home beginning February 18, 2022, when they turn 8 weeks old. They are all weaned and feeding independently. All have been touched and handled by me since the day they were born, so they are acclimated to interacting with humans. All come with...
  10. KelleyBee

    Favorite Rabbit has sore hocks

    I couldn't be more upset about my rabbits. One of my most favored doe breeders is bleeding from her foot today. Back story: She had no hock problems for the first 6 months I had her (got her at 8 weeks). With cold weather heading in, I decided to give her a "burrow box" with a wooden floor...
  11. KelleyBee

    Last meal and drink?

    How many hours, 12? 24? do you have your rabbits go without food and drink before dispatching? Is it even necessary? Thanks! Kelley
  12. KelleyBee

    First time butchering yesterday. What to do with heads, ears, feet, tails, etc?

    So, yesterday was my first-time butchering fryers (or any type of rabbit from my herd). The only other time I have dispatched and butchered was three during a "training session" at the farm of a woman from whom I had purchased my meat rabbits. She does not raise rabbits exclusively and she...
  13. KelleyBee

    Need help with decision

    So, I am looking for a buck to replace the underweight buck I received in my first trio. He's only 6 pounds at 24 months (was 18 months when I got him) and should be weighing no less than 9-12 pounds for the male of his breed. I have found a buck in the breed I need from a different breeder, but...
  14. KelleyBee

    Protein 16% or 18% and/or calf manna 25%

    So, I have a question about protein for our rabbits. I feed my breeders a16% protein pellet because this is what the previous breeder was feeding them when I purchased them. Then working does get a daily ration of 1 TBSP BOSS and 1 TBSP Calf Manna at 25% protein. I have growouts on 18% protein...
  15. KelleyBee

    Kits covered in urine

    We‘ve had a rough couple of days in the rabbitry. I’ve currently two litters, one 11 days old and other litter is 9 days old. In the 11 day litter, we lost a kit to the cold. We are down into the teens temps (F) right now. This kit apparently ended up out of the nest and onto the cage floor at...
  16. KelleyBee

    Silver fox question

    For those of you with more experience with the silver fox breed, are these eyebrow and mustache markings within the breed standard? My breeders don't have them, yet they are on these kits...9 and 8 weeks. Only on the blues, as best can tell, and blue littermates don't seem to have this...
  17. KelleyBee

    Way more males than females!

    Is this normal for rabbits? I have a buck whom I just bred for the first time over the last few months. He’s produced 3 litters, a total of 17 kits, (3 died shortly after birth). Of the 14 living, 10 are male! Only 4 female! I’m surprised by this. I’ve always been under the impression that...
  18. KelleyBee

    Where to learn rabbit genetics

    I'm new to rabbitry. I have a trio of silver foxes with pedigrees showing all silver foxes, blues and blacks, going back 5 generations. I also have a mutt trio made up of New Zealand/ California mix. Forgive me for experimenting, but out of curiosity I bred my albino looking NZ/C doe with my...
  19. KelleyBee

    Culling aggressive doe

    Question follows back story: So, in addition to my blue silver fox doe not wanting to lift when presented to a buck, this same doe now after having her first litter, has become aggressive and has drawn blood from me several times. Although I corrected her aggression as my rabbit books described...