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    Mastitis and penicillin

    So I have a doe who has mastitis! Knot like lump under one of her teats! Ended up taking the babies away (5 weeks and doing good on own). I purchased some penicillin from tractor supply and have given her 2 doses already! I do not see very much change in knot ? Should I see it this soon? When I...
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    Rex Doe unwilling to lift tail!

    I just purchased a couple Rex does from a guy! Says they are 6 months ready to breed! I have experienced bucks but these girls won’t lift their tails worth a flip! They seem big enough for sure to breed but when I checked them they are very dry and light pink unlike my other does! He did buy...
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    My doe has a 3 1/2 week old litter and yesterday I was petting her and found a hard mass under one of her teats! Prob the size of a gold ball? mastitis? I have massaged and have put heating pad on it hoping it will help? Any suggestions? She does seem to be feeding them still as their bellies...