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  1. SoDak Thriver

    Need Opinions!

    I have Californian and Silver Fox. 6-class is their designation for rabbit shows. Since they are big rabbits they show in more classes.
  2. SoDak Thriver

    Need Opinions!

    I have a really successful outdoor colony setup, but I also have commercial and 6-class rabbits, so they're big. What kind of rabbits are yours? I keep my bucks in cages and when I want to breed, I net does out of the colony and take them to the buck. For winter litters, I have a 4x8 foot...
  3. SoDak Thriver

    colony questions

    I have a really big caged in area in the barn (4x8') where I put my colony does to kindle. You can put all the next boxes and bucket nests you want in the colony, but they might just dig their own holes in the ground and kindle there. Once they kindle in next boxes in the space you provide...
  4. SoDak Thriver

    Have a chuckle...

    Interesting! All those genes and their order of magnitude is the reason I stick to purebred commercial or 6-class rabbits. Except when I just release a buck into the colony, of course. Other than that. :-)
  5. SoDak Thriver

    Have a chuckle...

    Fatso is a Californian buck and the colony has Callies and Silver Foxes. We have 12 half callie, half SF bunnies who are jet black. There's no sign of callie at all. Maybe it will show up later or their coats won't silver. They stayed underground for about 5 weeks and are now running around...
  6. SoDak Thriver

    Do you use compressed hay?

    Someone asked about the little hay cubes they sell like horse treats. They are held together with bentonite clay. I use them if I'm going to be away for a couple days. Each feeder gets filled and throw a few cubes in in case the bunny digs out her feeder or something, there's a little to eat...
  7. SoDak Thriver

    help with diagnosis?

    Too erratic for ringworm. I agree with Ladysown; it looks like a fungus.
  8. SoDak Thriver

    Our rabbitry update

    Nice setup and great production!!
  9. SoDak Thriver

    Should I intervene for this kit?

    Yes. This has worked well for me in the past.
  10. SoDak Thriver

    Pellet storage

    Zee-Man is dead on: those handwarmers are just iron filing sachets. The handwarmers are MUCH cheaper than O2 absorbers, but do the same thing. For the scientifically inclined, 4Fe+3O2+6H2O-->4Fe (OH)3 is the basic formula for rust. There's 4 Iron, 3 oxygen pairs, and 6 water per molecule...
  11. SoDak Thriver

    Pellet storage

    Yeah, we're pretty amazing. :cool: If you're looking to store pellets longer-term, like you're preparing for supply disruptions that appear to be on the way, 5 gallon pails with tight lids are best. Throw an oxygen absorber in there (like one of those disposable handwarmers) and it will keep...
  12. SoDak Thriver

    Have a chuckle...

    Have a chuckle at my expense: Last summer we moved from a barn with cages system to an open air rabbit colony. 23 does are in the colony, 4 bucks in the barn. We have Californians and Silver Foxes. I netted a Cali doe I wanted to breed, ear tattoo E1, and put her in a cage with our lovely...
  13. SoDak Thriver

    New Look?

    I sure appreciate this forum, and found this thread because I was searching for the "donate" link. Now I'm going to break a rule and comment on an old thread: Thanks, Maggie for ensuring Rabbit Talk's long term viability. I wouldn't have rabbits anymore without the wealth of knowledge...
  14. SoDak Thriver

    Single kit litter DOA

    Is the buck proven? If not and you have another buck, try again with a different buck. Otherwise, just try again.
  15. SoDak Thriver

    Chunky single kit

    He could be getting overfed, too. I'm not familiar with the growth of really little bunnies, but on the occasion that I have a sole-surviving kit in a litter, I usually have to restrict the kit to one feeding per day for awhile, putting the kit in with momma for 10 min once per day.
  16. SoDak Thriver

    Flemish for and cottontail buck hybrid kits

    Arachyd is correct. Domestic rabbits, cottontails, and hares are all classified by different genus with different chromosome pairs. Respectively they are Oryctolagus (22 pairs), Sylvilagus (21), and Lepus (24).^ These three groups cannot reproduce viably, although the doe can become briefly...
  17. SoDak Thriver

    Rabbits castrating each other

    I raise mine together right up to fryer weight and have never had the bucks fight. The only time I've had that happen is when the kids accidentally put two mature bucks in the colony.
  18. SoDak Thriver

    Is this a bot fly?

    Yeah, I was also surprised by the size of it.
  19. SoDak Thriver

    Is this a bot fly?

    Thanks everyone!
  20. SoDak Thriver

    Is this a bot fly?

    That worked like a charm! ladysown: “Then stomp on it.” Nope. Gave it to my rooster. 😆