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  1. rockyhillrabbits

    Animal For Sale Pedigreed Rex ready!

    I have 5 white does born 4-5-22 so they are 8 weeks old. Good bloodlines, have a couple really nice ones that I think would do well at shows. Full pedigrees. They are tattooed already. They are $40 each. (Number 4's picture is from 6 weeks of age, I couldn't get a posed picture of her last week)...
  2. rockyhillrabbits

    English Lop or just a mix? Meet Benjamin :)

    This is my birthday bunny that my husband bought from Orschelns. I've only had him nearly a week and wasn't sure he was going to make it because he stopped eating and drinking, looked bloated, then got nasty diarrhea. I put him on timothy hay and gave him gas drops and now he's back to normal. I...
  3. rockyhillrabbits

    The woes of rabbit searching

    5 years ago, when I started with rabbits, it was easier to find decent rabbits. Now that we are starting our rabbitry again I am having the hardest time finding quality, pedigreed stock. I insist on pedigreed stock because my goal is to produce the best rabbits I can, not just any ol' rabbits...
  4. rockyhillrabbits

    Animal For Sale Rex available soon and looking for rabbits

    I will have a litter of pedigreed Rex ready to leave May 31. There are 5 whites, 1 blue. Looking like all the whites are does and the blue is a buck. Color correct breeding. Second litter will be ready June 14 and are 3 blues. Genders have not been determined on those. I am also looking for a...
  5. rockyhillrabbits

    Nest box alternatives

    So I have a doe due on Tuesday, in 5 days, and I thought I would order some nest boxes. I'm on a tight budget so shopped around and the cheapest place I found was Bass Equipment, but delivery could take 3 weeks. I have wire cages with annoying small doors, 12" x12" I think and the wooden box I...
  6. rockyhillrabbits

    Dumor Wire Cages

    When we got our rabbits last weekend we were scrambling to get cages. I'm unable to lift anything, bend, etc for another few weeks and we didn't have the money to buy lumber and build hutches like we normally would have. TSC had Dumor wire cages so we ended up getting 2 24x24 for the bucks and 2...
  7. rockyhillrabbits

    Hello from Arkansas!

    Hey everyone I'm Amanda from northeast Arkansas. Me and my husband are trying to start up a rabbitry again. Right now we have pedigreed Rex and are looking for a few more, plus Flemish Giants, New Zealand, Giant Chinchillas (maybe) and Continental Giants. We want to breed for meat,pets, and...