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    Age for spaying/neutering giant breed

    I have a young flemish giant doe that I would like to make a house rabbit. As such I am planning to have her spayed for longevity and better litter habits, but I am having trouble finding resources to figure out the ideal timing for spay. I'm concerned about the effect of the lack of hormones...
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    Indoor colony flooring ideas?

    I'm planning on moving my angora colony indoors to my basement for the summer. Last year I did the same and put down a waterproof tarp and piled shavings on top of it. It worked OK but the shavings made a mess of their coats and cleaning was a whole afternoon ordeal. I'm considering permanently...
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    Does anyone have any "fun" meat rabbit projects going on?

    I really love raising meat rabbits. I've always been interested in genetics and breeding animals. Raising meat rabbits gives me the freedom to do some crazy things that wouldn't be ethical in animals not destined for the table. I love my angoras, and I get a lot of satisfaction from breeding for...
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    Worst Meat Breeds? I Want a Lean Boney Carcass

    I know most here are looking for higher meat-to-bone ratios, but what if you wanted the opposite? What breeds and harvesting ages should I look at if I want less meat and more bone?
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    Help? Siamese vs Sable Point vs Sallander

    Hi! First I'd like to thank all the posters here at rabbittalk. I've been lurking for months and have learned so much! I was hoping someone out here could help me figure out the color and genetics of a new bun of mine. She was purchased at auction and I, unfortunately, know nothing about her...