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  1. Penny Lane

    My Holland lops ears aren’t lopping!

    I've seen another post here with the same question but I can't find it. I have my first Holland Lop bunny. She's 13 weeks old, she's a pedigree and both of her parents ears were lopped but hers are not. In the photo from the breeder at 8 weeks they were but now they're not. I don't understand...
  2. Penny Lane


    Hello. I'm new here and would like to introduce myself and my two bunnies Dexter and Delilah. Dexter is a one year old Dutch buck and Delilah is a 14 week old Holland Lop. Dexter is neutered but I can't get Delilah spayed for awhile yet so I have her in a separate area. After she's spayed I'd...