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    Doe eating kits?

    Purebred rabbits are all the result of line breeding and inbreeding and not more likely to harm their kits. First-time litters are unfortunately easy for a doe to lose. My first action would be to look carefully at the hutch and make sure a rat, weasel or snake isn't able to get access to the...
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    What sex are these 1 day olds?

    You can sex them as early as your skills allow. Just keep in mind that when they're only a couple of days old you really need to be gentle. Personally, I wouldn't try on kits as small as those. I'd wait till about 2 weeks then press gently on both sides of the protruding bits. The pressure will...
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    Buck won’t “fall over” during mating?

    Is she lifting for him?
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    My Two Pet Bunnies won't breed, not sure why not.

    The pics of the doe look to me like pics of an immature male that isn't being pressed very firmly. Does she have a dewlap? Post a pic of her head and neck from the side if you can. Maybe there's a hormonal problem. If it is a doe, well, does can be choosy when it comes to breeding.
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    What could this possibly be?

    Yep...I've had some positively golden REW kits with those lines.
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    Poop poopy do?

    The only issue I've ever had with putting waste hay where I'm growing things is the incredible amount of weed seeds that spring up. Most of it is a real treat for rabbits - all sorts of thistles, clovers, etc. but not so great for the garden. Other than that the manure is excellent for plants...
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    Licking and nipping at the same time

    I've had rabbits do this. I think it's normal if it's just a nip, not a hard bite. I tested it with one that would nip this way and forced myself to hold my arm still instead of pulling away. He continued to lick and nibble. I think it's a part of their grooming to pull loose hairs since rabbits...
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    I feel like a failure

    When you get a buyer who goes through those delaying tactics you need to make it clear that the price goes up each week due to the cost of feeding and maintaining the rabbits. This will weed out the time wasters and help keep you from ending up with extra costs and mouths to feed. It is entirely...
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    I'm hoping you already resolved the problem and all is well by now. You can always plant some nice thorny roses or raspberries (rabbits love the leaves too) around your hutch. A good source for inexpensive trail cameras (and just about anything from running shoes to bed linens to military...
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    ISO A House Bunny

    Just a quick add to what hotzcatz said about nail trimming - when you get the rabbit into your arm you do a quick, gentle flip so it's on it's back the way you'd hold a human baby. Dip it so the head is lower than the body and the rabbit will immediately become very quiet and docile, letting you...
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    lack of undercoat

    I can see advantages in butchering (no fluff stuck in the meat or flying up your nose) and hot weather but I'm also concerned about how I'm going to keep him warm this winter.
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    lack of undercoat

    I have a young buck that has almost completely lost his baby coat, has grown guard hair but has not regrown any sort of undercoat. I've never seen a rabbit that looked like this. The hair lies flat against his body and it took a while for me to get used to looking at him because at a glance he...
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    What is Wrong with Her? -Help-

    Pee would not mat her paws it would wet or stain them. You won't find a lot of snot because she's wiping it on her paws.
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    News on our rabbitry, plus rant

    You might be able to take them to court and force them to buy the rabbit back plus cover your transportation expenses, feed, time caring for the rabbit, any medical expenses, the cost of a new cage if you needed to buy one for the rabbit, etc. or produce the papers claiming they tried to defraud...
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    The Dog

    Has she shown signs of separation anxiety? If you are usually there but left for a few hours it may have set off a panic attack. With separation anxiety when you leave the dog tends to run around in a frenzy tossing things, chewing and shredding everything they can. A rabbit might also become a...
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    Broken back? Limp hind legs.

    Definitely tell the new owner. Double definitely since it's a breeder. In fact you should make sure the other rabbit is completely recovered before letting any rabbits go to new owners.
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    You know what they say about glass houses...

    I'd tell her she was being cruel keeping the dog in such a small cage of matted fur and unsanitary mess.
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    Uh...what's up with my doe's brain?

    Mothering and pregnancy hormones sometimes get wacky when they lose a litter.
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    Please help, dropped bleeding baby bunny!!!

    A 3-week old rabbit is not likely to be able to eat willow. Hopefully the injury is not serious. Many of us have learned, some of us the hard way, to choose an awkward situation over the health and safety of our animals.
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    Breeding through the wire

    I just have 2 thoughts on this. 1 - If anyone has a buck and doe who they don't mind breeding they could set this up and get video to put the argument to rest for the nonbelievers. 2 - This could be an option for those does who refuse to breed. Maybe they're doing it just to annoy the bucks and...