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  1. WyoWool

    Keeping and breeding Non recognized colors?

    This winter has been nuts for us as far as what we have produced for colors! Our Jersey Woolies have produced lilac otters and chocolate otters for the first time, and not in one litter.... but in 3 separate litters of unrelated parents. Chocolate otter is not a recognized color for JW...
  2. WyoWool

    Help finding out what’s under the REW!

    Can anyone break down REW color rules for me? Due to a stroke of tremendous luck, I find three REWs in my barn of great quality. A Doe and her two sons. I’m having a hard time understanding what “color” each of them are, and as all judges have all commented differently to what color they...
  3. WyoWool

    Black marten vs Black Otter

    Is there an easy way to determine Black Silver Marten vs Black Otter on Wooly babies? We are just venturing into more tan patterns with our Jersey Woolies. We purchased a REW buck that genetically has quite a bit of silver marten as well as sable marten in his lineage. We bred to a black...
  4. WyoWool

    Barbering / Wool chewing issues

    Has anyone had success in getting a young rabbit to stop chewing it’s wool? Purchased a new JW doe bunny (who should grow into a cornerstone of our shaded line!) however the stress during the road trip with her breeder to the show we were attending apparently caused her to chew both entire...
  5. WyoWool

    Eye color genetics question. Blues

    I’m having a heck of a time understanding and test breeding for eye colors. I am having brown eyes pop up in my blue line. Opal and blue otter. Just those two blue colors. SOP says eyes should be blue grey for both those colors, and I’m randomly getting brown. I can’t pinpoint who is giving...
  6. WyoWool

    Show careers after kindling?

    Have any of you managed to still successfully show and place does after they’ve kindled and raised up a litter? I’m finding that if I don’t champion my does before they become moms, they just never seem to be able to place as high on the table as they once did before motherhood. (Hey, it...
  7. WyoWool

    Best bunny has white toenails

    Litter of 5 jersey wooly, born late November. Of the five, the only self is a gorgeous black doe. The rest are brokens. Nicely marked brokens, too, but the clear winner is the self. Mom is black otter, Dad is broken Siamese Sable. Both have substantial wins on the show table, however this is...