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  1. rockyhillrabbits

    New Kits!

    Aww love babies. They look like well-fed, chunky babies :)
  2. rockyhillrabbits

    Marking a rabbit for identification?

    I use a battery operated tattoo pen. There are several different ones but they all have the same concept. I clean the ear with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. I use numbing spray and it makes it easier on the rabbits and on me, wait a couple minutes, then turn on the pen and dip in the ink so...
  3. rockyhillrabbits

    Trying rabbit

    I have raised rabbits about 4 years now and have only butchered and ate maybe 2 lol. Hubby is the one who dispatches and I help him dress it out. It's not easy for me because even when I know an animal is going to be eaten, I still can't help but get attached. However, fried rabbit with biscuits...
  4. rockyhillrabbits

    Marking a rabbit for identification?

    For temp ear marking I use a sharpie and do like D1, D2, B1,B2, etc until I'm ready to tattoo them. It works pretty good, just have to touch it up every few days.
  5. rockyhillrabbits

    Planting BOSS?

    When I fed BOSS before, I would always lose a few seeds and I did have some actually sprout and get a few sunflowers growing lol.
  6. rockyhillrabbits

    Timothy Hay

    LOL we do what we gotta do sometimes
  7. rockyhillrabbits

    Dumor Wire Cages

    Lol I had cages with those doors that swing up and inward....hated them! Hopefully soon we will have the time and money to get started on our Flemish hutches.
  8. rockyhillrabbits

    The woes of rabbit searching

    Yeah my plan is to show also, but our local rabbit club won't have a show until spring of next year and the next closest ones are in southwest Missouri and somewhere in Kentucky but I'm hoping to be able to go just to get an idea.
  9. rockyhillrabbits

    The woes of rabbit searching

    I don't do Facebook. I've been looking at the breeder directory for ARBA and the Flemish clubs.
  10. rockyhillrabbits

    The woes of rabbit searching

    I quarantine all new stock and do a thorough look-over before they come home and try to avoid buying in those areas. So far Arkansas doesn't have any cases, but I believe they have it in TX, MS, and maybe TN.
  11. rockyhillrabbits

    Mastitis prevention

    Mastitis is caused by bacteria, so if a teat gets scratched it can open up the possibility for bacteria. Cleanliness is the most important thing. I don't think the amount of feed has much to do with it. Cabbage is a natural mastitis treatment, if you can figure out a way to keep it on the area...
  12. rockyhillrabbits

    what to do next? (baby rabbit)

    So...where did this baby come from because it's not a wild rabbit. Are you sure it's not from one of your does?
  13. rockyhillrabbits

    The woes of rabbit searching

    Northeast Arkansas area but due to husband being a truck driver we could pick up a rabbit just about anywhere in the south from TX to PA.
  14. rockyhillrabbits

    Shaking does

    20 Celsius equals to 68 Fahrenheit, that shouldn't be that hot to cause distress. Bounce Back 4 Oz Single Serve Pouches That is what I used last time.
  15. rockyhillrabbits

    Rabbitry Website List (2022)

    Rabbit Breeder | Rocky Hill Rabbits | Pocahontas That is my website :)
  16. rockyhillrabbits

    How soon do you (Personally) handle baby rabbits?

    I handle mine from birth, at first just enough to make sure they are all being fed and then when they are about 2 weeks old and coming out of the box I hold them and handle them more. My first litter I have, my favorite is my blue buck, Moxie. He has been handled a bit more than the white ones...
  17. rockyhillrabbits

    Shaking does

    Are you sure herbicide or something wasn't accidentally sprayed on the area where you picked the dandelions? Have they ever had dandelions or grass before? I'm not sure how hot 20 celsius is but when it's hot here my rabbits barely pick at their food. Are they drinking plenty of water? What I do...
  18. rockyhillrabbits

    English Lop or just a mix? Meet Benjamin :)

    Thank you for confirming. I've never had an English Lop, only a couple Hollands and a Mini. I think he will be a sweetheart once he settles in some more.
  19. rockyhillrabbits

    The woes of rabbit searching

    I have contacted several breeders from the national breed clubs, plus I have checked ARBA's breeder directory. It seems more people are getting out of breeding Flemish than are breeding them. I am going to try to contact people who purchased rabbits from me before and see if they still have Rex.