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    Ear markings in inner ear??

    I’m not an experienced breeder so sorry if my question is dull but what are these markings? They are in both ears but only on the inside. None of the other 6 kits have it. Is this maybe a recessive gene marke?
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    Color help!

    I have a few questions on kit colors. My buck throws sable in 90% of the time in breedings. I usually get 1-2 in each litter. These seem a little lighter than I’m used to. They usually look like shiny dark chocolates. One kit has white inner ears and belly the other is self. The next pic is a...
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    New litter, new colors

    A little back ground on mom and dad. Mom is a broken black otter and I don’t know her heritage beyond that. Dad is a Black Chinchilla. His mom was California and dad was a castor Rex. From the litter I got a bunch of calis, a few charlies, a few broken, and what looks like chocolate otter...
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    Anyone want to take a whack at these colors?

    Bred these two together and this is what I got. I thought black was dominate? The buck was born in my Rabbitry. He is a California broken mix. He has the same coloring as his father. The doe we got at a feed store so I don’t know her lineage. How do you add pics?? They aren’t popping up...