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    Interested in getting a new buck

    Trying to find a new buck lionhead found this one owner was told he is full lionhead but I’m not good enough yet to tell if he’s a mix or not any ideas?
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    Help with a breed

    Bought this is set as a trio of American rabbits (was told 8-9 months). Fairly new to the rabbit world just looking for an expertise that that is what the are...each has a different size brown markings on back leg area
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    Baby Dutch/lionhead being lethargic

    Have a litter of 5 4 week old lionhead/Dutch bunnies one is being lethargic just today not really eating and drinking with the rest is it a cause for concern. Could it be an illness? Did have poop stuck to his hair removed with warm water nothing sense then.
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    Could I get help with breed of this do?

    Could anyone help me out with getting a breed of this doe. Was told around 6 months old. She’s probably around 3-4 lbs.
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    Had 4 NZ die in the past month

    Bought 4 NZ does about 3 months ago they were 5-6 months upon purchase same litter. I have a colony style pens with 4 does and a buck in each. Have 12 rabbits in all only 4 are NZ the first laid down all day and the next day was dead this was about a month ago. The 2nd did the same thing a week...