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    Adding greens and veggies to diet, what to look for and how to treat?

    Im pretty bold and give each rabbit a good handful of stuff. As summer gets on and there are lots of wild forage they get more stuff. I do a mix of long fiber and short. So in the morning they each get a large handful of grass, horsetail, kentucky blue, crab, even sedge. In the evening they get...
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    Adding greens and veggies to diet, what to look for and how to treat?

    I suppose my spring transition is about 2 weeks also. Pretty much as the greens appear the pellets disappear. By the time I have plenty of forage for them I've stopped the pellets. In the autumn as the greens are harder to come by I start the pellets again.
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    Dirty fryers

    Do you have a place to put a litter box? How about a piddle pad? If so, clean the cage our thoroughly and put the new potty place in. By thoroughly I mean strong bleach solution, rinse, dry and follow with ammonia. DO NOT skip the rinse. Ammonia reacts with bleach to evolve poison chlorine gas...
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    Rabbit Pelts

    It is a 5 sided box if you will. The 6th "side" is the earth. Half of the top is hinged so I can put/remove the rabbits. Predators are thus locked out unless they were to make a concerted effort to get past the guard chihuahua. Mind you, this is not truly a tractor. The rabbits do not spend the...
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    Rabbit Pelts

    How much space do you want them to have in the tractor? Making individual "apartments" is really just a materials problem. Put the tractor on wheels if it gets too larger to handle manually and pull it with a garden tractor. Imagine an axle on hinges that open down and swing back. As you pull...
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    Is Magnolia safe for rabbits?

    Here is the rub on maples. The decorative Japanese are reported as poisonous to rabbits. Red, Sugar, Rock, Curly, Silver are all OK. I can attest to these varieties of Acer. You CAN bake the branches if you want. Frankly I think they will be more appealing to the rabbits if left to simply air...
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    Rabbit getting meaner

    Dosiedoe has always been aggressive with me. Eventually I got to a point that I accepted that it was just her way. I feed 100% wild forage in the summer. So my hand always goes in the hutch with her. I have learned to let her make her charge at me, then lay the food down. Just as she begins...
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    To scruff or not to scruff?

    I've never considered scruffing. Not for any particular reason. It is just not natural to me. Dosiedoe is somewhat aggressive. Every time I put forage in with her she charges me and will attempt to bite. She has had teeth make contact but never actually bitten. I have come to understand that...
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    Wineberry Canes?

    Just was wondering about this. Rabbit edibility is pretty deep in the article, but yes wineberry is! Ends up is is a subgenus of black/raspberry.
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    Hi all! What have you been doing lately?

    @MaggieJ I am so sorry for your loss. You are a vibrant individual here on this forum. I hope everything continues move smoothly for you. I have rabbits as part of my survival philosophy. It may be no small wonder then that my profession is in line, too. As of March I made the move from a...
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    The New Safe Plants for Rabbits List

    I can't speak to pre- or pro- biotics helping the diabetes. I have not noticed any change in diabetes that I would associate with the regimen. My glucoise has been controlled chiefly by me respecting my cane sugar intake. If I abuse the HFCS I'll see a spike in my glucose. I began the probiotic...
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    The New Safe Plants for Rabbits List

    Probiotics seem to be helping me with weight loss too. At first gut gas can be embarassing, but nowadays it doesn't faze me. It is as natural as breathing. I began probiotics to deal with irritable bowel syndrome. Those symtoms have nearly disappeared. As with the inulin supplement, any...
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    The New Safe Plants for Rabbits List

    The only way I can conceive of segregating Sylvanus from forage is to use tree and bush. To fence off a section of the yard would be a huge effort since rabbits dig. Burying fencing is not for me. I would not want to put the effort into making raised beds for fodder. I (now) have only 4 rabbits...
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    Facial abscess on 9 year old Bun... Advice needed

    Just a few comments: Make sure you continue to treat for infection. Echinacea is safe for rabbits. I would consider getting some tincture. Depending where you get it, it should be cheaper than vet meds. Add 10 to 20 drops to pellets. If you know how much water your rabbit goes through in a...
  15. Zee-Man

    Catching Rabbit Poop

    Absolutely! Understand pellets are largely compressed hay.