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    WyoWool replied to the thread transport to US from Canada.
    As far as I know, they’re not allowing it because the US is experiencing some major hot spot explosions of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Virus...
  • WyoWool
    WyoWool replied to the thread Nervous young doe.
    NZ from my experience tend towards either end of the personality spectrum. They’re either super nice and sweet or they’re cage...
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    WyoWool reacted to ladysown's post in the thread Excessive thumping with Like Like.
    have you talked with the rescue to see if you can exchange her for another one? If she's not working for you, high chance it's not...
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    WyoWool replied to the thread Rabbit Dewormer.
    Fenbendazole. 20 mg/kg is the dosage I use. Cheapest way is the Safeguard liquid goat dewormer or generic equivalent. I use a syringe...