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  1. Tom in Kingman

    Put your thinking caps on.

    I will advise my neighbor that I appreciate his advice but I have decided to take a different route. Thank you all for your imput.
  2. Tom in Kingman

    Put your thinking caps on.

    I have a neighbor here in rural AZ that gave me some advice yesterday. I told him that I was strongly considering raising meat rabbits but was having trouble finding a medium breed nearby for sale. He told me to set up a colony for our wild cottontail rabbits. Put up a fence that they could...
  3. Tom in Kingman

    Selling fur--current prospects?

    Just for the record. Do NOT forget that even though the rabbits you dispatch at fryer age are NOT good for fur the rabbits that you have used to breed with and have outlived their usefulness will be more than adequate for fur. They will be old enough to offer good sturdy fur for projects. Just...
  4. Tom in Kingman

    Selling fur--current prospects?

    I have done research on this. It seems that the fryers have a very thin skin which makes them useless for clothing. Tabletop uses such as under a lamp or some other ZERO wear and tear uses are all they are good for. In France and surrounding countries they let them grow out to 6 months and then...
  5. Tom in Kingman

    Haven't "quite" started yet

    Hello, my name is Tom and I live just off Route 66 about 15 miles east of Kingman AZ. I want to get going with meat rabbits since I'm a Prepper and they are a perfect fit. I am trying to set everything up before I make the "leap". I have been a member of the ARBA for 4 years and attended 2...
  6. Tom in Kingman

    Color of meat

    I have been led to believe that wild rabbit meat is dark and domesticated rabbit meat is white. Now, if a person suddenly no longer has access to the store bought pellets and must grow feed will the meat become dark? I know some of you feed other than store bought so you would see a change if...
  7. Tom in Kingman

    Interesting ideas on slaughtering

    A few nights ago the TLC channel aired a show "Living For The Acopolypse". Folks that see either hard times or "TEOTWAWKI".(The end of the world as we know it). Anyway, one of those that were featured was a Chiropractor known as "Survival Doc" (even has a web site by that name). He had meat...
  8. Tom in Kingman

    I'm got SKEERED !

    I am looking at many alternatives . I wish to install solar for several reasons . I have a friend here that saves $200 a month by selling electricity back . He has $30K invested . He saves $200 a month . That's $2400 a year . Better than any CD rate in the country . My idea is a bit more complex...
  9. Tom in Kingman

    I'm got SKEERED !

    After I read about that lady that lost her entire rabbitry because a power failure shut her A/C off I was forced to look at my plans . Since I am in AZ and will have an indoor rabbitry a power failure in the summer would be fatal to all . I am currently working out the details for installing a...
  10. Tom in Kingman

    Our death!

    Here in AZ heat is a way of life in the summer . We stay about 10 degrees cooler than PHX but it still gets warm . I have a swamp cooler in my garage where I intend to locate my rabbitry . A breeze was mentioned . Swamp coolers WILL circulate the air . The temperature of 85 degrees was mentioned...
  11. Tom in Kingman

    Why Is it Unfair to be willing to barter?

    One of the main reasons I am really looking at getting into rabbits concerns barter . If the economy takes a bad turn food will be king . BUT , there is another type of barter which could closer mimic the scenarios you have been discussing . That would be "Barter Dollars". In that case there is...
  12. Tom in Kingman

    Found Cottontail Nest

    When piling horse manure the rabbits just flock . It's soft enough to easily make a den and still warm .
  13. Tom in Kingman

    Bummed :(

    How about taking some credit bearing Animal Husbandry classes on line . Then practice saying "Oh Your Honor , those aren't chickens .... they're homework".
  14. Tom in Kingman

    Realistic Expectations for Doe Productivity and Behaviour

    Question from the new guy . What are the odds ? That is to say , for every sad story of lost kits or even full litters , how many cycles go through until fruition without any big problems ? When I drove truck I hauled meat out of and lived in Iowa . Livestock was all around me and so was death ...