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    Fear vs. Practice how to balance info?

    Beautiful bunny! I have my rabbitry on a mostly pellet based diet with hay when I can afford it and fresh veggie scraps whenever I cook something (make sure they're bunny-safe!) I've never had parasite issues. Keeping in mind this is personal opinion, and I hold nothing against the people. One...
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    What are these breeds?

    Maybe? Checkered Giants still have that full arch. I don't know how old he is or how much he weighs or what he's a cross between unfortunately, but when he's mature you'll definitely see defining traits easier! Sorry for the lack of advice
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    What are these breeds?

    Probably not English Spot, they have a short thicker coat and a thin long body as well as a full arch (this is my girlie) The second one looks like it might have polish mixed in there because the eye and facial structure. My first pet rabbit was a new Zealand/polish mix hehe! She had buggy...
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    I'm looking for first hand experiences in keeping raccoons away.

    They had the idea to nose around my rabbitry one night and I saw them, oooh BOY they were terrified. I had half full almond milk jugs I used to carry water to them, yeeted them at the coons, I yelled and threw shoes, banged my walking stick against the tree they ran up, imitated a dog's bark and...
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    Ear Ripped Open

    Up to you! Snipping it isn't a bad idea, mine looked a lot like that and healed itself, but you could definitely snip it! He looks like he will be ok, you're doing great! Yes bedatine sounds good c: hope it helps sorry I'm not the best for advice haha!
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    Ear Ripped Open

    I had one get his ear ripped half off, it actually healed and I can't see the wound scar at all now! If it's dangling it may be a bit more difficult to heal but that's up to you! You did good disinfecting it and wrapping it though!
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    What the heck is up with this bucks genitals??

    He was just fine awhile ago, no blood in the pen or anything at all, litterbox stays relatively clean, no changes in routine. He does have sore hocks so if infection could've spread then maybe that, but I've never seen this in a rabbit??
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    Question about my kindling doe

    No didn't know she bred lolz she had a healthy litter of 5 the next day and I was there to witness! Thanks for the help though
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    Bloated Baby Bunnies

    It's late now I know sorry but it may help in the future, I use 1 part Kitten Milk Replacement, 1 Part water and 1 part heavy whipping cream (or less) bacteria at day 14ish or a healthy bunnies cecotropes!
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    All baby bunny pics MUST be posted here lol.

    My Thrianta had 5 in her first litter
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    Bucks together

    It really depends on temperament. I had 3 bucks and 4 does in a large pen, but the bucks were very laid back. 2 were very laid back 1 was a bit more aggressive, so the dominant male could roam the does and no competition stirred. This was after many times of observation and making sure they wont...
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    Question about my kindling doe

    Yesterday morning around 10, I noticed she started breathing very rapidly. By 2 pm she was building her nest. She's been laying on her stomach with her legs kicked out and she was drooling mildly. No discharge and she isn't acting too different though, eyes aren't glazed over. Thought she'd have...
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    All baby bunny pics MUST be posted here lol.

    It's been MONTHS but somehow 4 of my 5 does are all pregnant now so I'll have some pictures soon!!
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    Post pictures of your cutie rabbits

    I have a lotta rescues and breed champagne D'argents! 1 D'argent is a rescue as well heh, most my stock is rescues including my Thrianta pair! The rabbit on the couch is my ESA Whisper! I currently have 15 rabbits, soon to have 12 since a few rescues are going to homes!
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    Restarting our rabbitry

    Hiya!! Applause to you on all levels! That's so great! I lived in Alaska 15 years of my almost 19 year life, that's where I started raising rabbits! It definitely can be a challenge depending on where you live, that's awesome! Keep up the great work, fellow Alaskan!