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    help with diagnosis?

    clotrimazole solved this btw - thanks again
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    How often do you feed and water your rabbits?

    They go to the creek? for a description of how you house them.
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    Feeding grass/types of grass

    From NC: I use yard weeds a lot. Is motherwort okay? I have an abundance of it. Mine no longer free range so I pluck grass clumps - but I have 10- 20 rabbits in three colony cages. They didn't eat black raspberry canes (? - surprised me) or stinging nettle. They adore lambs quarters.
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    Are these rat droppings? Please advise and help!

    Could you educate me? What are the diseases they get from the rats and the vermin?
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    How do I get rid of rats before they are a problem?

    Rat wire should keep babies safe.
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    Are these rat droppings? Please advise and help!

    If there's a sphincter at work, there's meat involved. Carni or omnivore. Voles, I believe, have canines. Maybe moles too?? If canines, then meat - insects included. I have outdoor rabbits and rodents do visit and steal food. It's a risk, I am betting, but not going to stop me until it's a...
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    Hi everyone!

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    Hi everyone!

    Going on three years raising rates. Never had saw hocks. But, I raise them on the ground.
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    Doe not using nest box, soon to kindle

    Wooden nest tunnels! Cool.
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    Doe not using nest box, soon to kindle

    Good ideas. I moved them inside tonight. It’s going to be freezing. That was too cold for my comfort level.
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    Doe not using nest box, soon to kindle

    My Rex first time doe kindled three days ago in her crate. Outdoors. 4 kits. Still hair pulled for nest, Some hair, scattered all over - maybe because she is not contained? Anyway, deep bed of alfalfa hay and tonight as temps dip into the 40s, I built a lambswool wall around...
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    Are chickens easier and cheaper than rabbits?

    Fat scoop a day for 25 hens, put up each night. 50 total hens. Eggs sell for $4/dz. Make money March - July; spend it August - February. On feed. Compost from local restaurant is a good way to offset costs. We don't do that. Having fresh eggs every day is awesome for your health and budget...
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    help with diagnosis?

    Wow!! Thank you SO much!!