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    Wrapping rabbits

    I always just layed it out, doubled it over, then literally rolled the rabbit up in it like a soft taco. It worked :)
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    Wry Neck Questions

    I've heard of 5 day old on another board getting it. I would cull, tried treating with no success and it wasn't to the rolling stage. Barbie Brown's site has treatment information on it, the quicker it's started the better the chances or so I've been told. I tried it on the one I had, nothing...
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    Is harlequin a color or a breed?

    Harlequin breed, harlequin color. Rarely do I see jap listed on a pedigree as its not usually considered 'correct' for coloring. Usually I will see black harlequin, blue harlequin, etc.
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    Home made rabbit blocks?

    Has any one thought about using a coffee bean grinder to make rabbit blocks like feed blocks? Any idea/thoughts on how much nutrient value would actually be destroyed during baking? Its just some thing I was thinking about to give a little more chewable toy's and entertainment. Ingredients...
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    Pasteurella treatment with Penicillin...

    Sorry OneAcre...was replying to their question and didn't see the other post before hit submit lol. Yes it is definitely a good thing to know ahead of time :)
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    Pasteurella treatment with Penicillin...

    Once a week for three weeks, yes. The dosage calculater is good :) BUT that's if you get the long lasting Pen.
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    Pasteurella treatment with Penicillin...

    That looks like VD...they don't always have places otherwise. Pen G long lasting type, 1 shot for 3 weeks should clear it up. Do not stop even if it clears up after the 1st dose. Rate is 1/10 cc per pound of body weight. Now the other...same as every one else on subject. Plus if you plan on...
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    Losing my beautiful girl

    :( Very sorry.
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    Lopsided face?

    Since she's been like that for quite some time, I'd say part of her brain actually has died that controls that part of the side. Had this happen in a dog and vet explained to us that dogs, etc. can't actually have strokes per say but parts of the brain do die off to cause stroke like symptoms...
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    Leonis Rex Project; Generation I Kits! Has an on going velvet lion project. Didn't see it mentioned, but might be worth talking with them to get some insight as they've been doing it for an number of years :)
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    What type of angora is this?

    Looks like Satin and English Angora crosses to me....just a guess.
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    Does early handling really make much of a difference?

    Half and half...if not handled almost always never 'tame'. Handled all the time or a lot and they do well, EXCEPT when there's a genetic issue of a line having bad tempers. I've seen it in a couple different breeds, no matter what/how they were handled, they had aggressive offspring...which I...
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    lean rabbits

    Running breeds (and some others, I know I let mine out and excercise as much as I could and I've had Hollands/Mini Rex/Netherland Dwarfs/New Zealands/English Lops/Lion Heads/Dutch/and some others cross through) do get exercise, other wise they won't have the muscle build (hard solid feel) to...
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    Blue Tort or Sable Point?

    Definitely broken blue tort. Sable points will be more of a gray appearance, even ones that are smutty or washed out. See the brown and blue like markings on this one? Torts are classically marked with that brown and blue (or chocolate, black, lilac) :)
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    lean rabbits

    Rabbits that are used for production usually don't have the same body shape/bone structure exactly as a show rabbit. I would say, that its not a weight issue, its a structure issue. No matter how much feed you give a show rabbit, if they do not have the structure for it, they're not gonna fill...