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    Astrex looking for new home

    if only i wasn't on the complete opposite side of the continent...i would LOVE to have an astrex carrier in my barn ;w;
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    Aggressive behaviour from doe towards 3 week old kits?

    does should not be throwing kits around. gently discipline if needed, sure, but swinging is unacceptable behaviour. i feel like you did the right thing by separating them. i have no experienced anything similar myself, but a friend of mind recently had a doe begin to eat all the ears off of...
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    Super Aggressive all of a sudden, need help

    it could be hormonal. usually bucks don't have much personality change after puberty (if anything they just get sweeter,) but does are known for having mood swings. my does will also get aggressive after breeding sometimes. are you sure he's a boy? could he be a doe that was bred in a group...
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    Broken magpie x broken castor

    you will probably get mostly harlequinized castors, unless your castor carries ej, then you may get some tris. it's not usually recommended to breed non-harlequin agouti to harlequins as they can combine to make unshowable colours.
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    cage stacker ideas

    i have had rats steal kits before, so it's a concern. i have caught several in traps and have a cat in the barn but i still see their evidence around despite it.
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    cage stacker ideas

    the last time i tried group pens/colony rabbits (with growouts,) almost all of my animals died tragically from disease. i am not willing to group-house my rabbits again. dfr: my old stackers had slanted trays, not pull-out ones, but i still had to scrape them out every couple of days...
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    cage stacker ideas

    currently i have hanging cages in my rabbit barn. it is not a very big barn; i only have space for nineteen 30x30 cages. i thought this would be fine, but i filled this space up within months, and i am finding myself unable to make space for the animals i need to pursue breeding goals, so i'm...
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    Where to find Ivermectin? And dosage

    i get mine at tractor supply or the feed store. you can get it formulated for cattle and just use 0.1ccs or so (get a 1cc/ml syringe.) i think you can also use mineral oil drops in the ear but i prefer to just use ivermectin.
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    Kit with inflamed anus aftermath???

    happens sometimes when they don't get cleaned enough. i just squeeze the pus out best i can and rub iodine on their bum every day and it usually goes back to normal in a few days.
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    Bunny Bucks?

    there are some boards that don't count towards your bucks, but yeah pretty much you just make posts and threads and get "paid" for it! you can use them to buy ebooks in the downloads library up at the top of the forum :)
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    Tattooing? how?

    pens inject the ink as they make holes, like a tattoo gun an artist would use to give a tattoo to a human. so you don't have to rub ink in the holes like you do with a clamp.
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    Tattooing? how?

    i just use a towel and wrap them up like a burrito, lay them in my lap, and kinda scrunch over and use my body to apply pressure. they still wiggle but it's not as bad and i can usually move my hand before they ruin their tattoo. some are wigglier than others. just go slow if you need to. i...
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    Two toned sides?

    in my rex i find when they're around that age it's super obvious but the two colours even out as they get older. by the time they're adults you shouldn't be able to really see it.
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    Is this safe? Pictures!

    you can also feed onion tops/green onion/etc (really anything in the allium family) to them to treat coccidia. you need to do this regularly for a colony though since the parasite is usually found on the ground and they'll just keep getting it.
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    Holland lop breeding. Help!!

    bucks don't always make noise, but if he falls off he got the job done. being disinterested in breeding is a good sign, but you'll only know if she's for sure pregnant if you palpate at about two weeks and can feel fetuses inside her (they'll feel a bit like grapes,) or when she starts digging...