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    I came down with covid 6 weeks ago. I'm getting better but still weak. My daughter has been tending my rabbits. I need to give away 3 doe 3 buck NZ. Born 5-16. I'm in Spanaway WA. Please message me if you want them. Perfectly healthy feeding pellets and organic grass hay.
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    Help needed

    I've become ill and need to reduce my rabbitry. I have 6 NZ white and a number of mix breeds. The NZ are 13 weeks others are younger. I have a NZ ready for breeding possibly a second one. Please message me.
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    Cage on the ground???

    My kits are 9 weeks old and almost as big as the doe they need to be separated. I don't have a hutch ready for them but I do have two wire cages. If I stack the 2 cages on the ground would there be a problem with moving the 6 young ones to the empty cage? It will be on the ground but we are in...
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    What do you do with the offal?

    I actually do have a firepit. Hadn't thought about that. Thank you
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    What do you do with the offal?

    For those of you who live in a semi-semi-rural area, how do you dispose of the butchering remains? I will be butchering the first litter in a couple weeks and am trying to figure out what to do with the remains. I live on a half acre with neighbors on both sides. I'm sure I'd have an issue if I...
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    Around and around and around

    Ok, that makes sense. Thank you
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    Around and around and around

    I've got a 4 month old doe in a 36" cage that will sometimes run in circles for minutes at a time. Is she just getting exercise or is this a behavioral sign of something more serious? I got her two months ago and she has always been skittish.
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    Poop poopy do?

    My rabbits seem to go through a lot of hay, and what they don't eat ends up on the ground. What I want to know is can I take that hay with all their poop and pee and put that directly into my garden and mulch my plants with it?
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    Removing nest box

    This is our first litter so we're learning. The kits are three weeks old, and yesterday a couple made it out of the nest box. I believe it's time to remove the box, so my question is should I remove the doe and all the kits and scrub the cage, replace with all new hay before letting the kits out?
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    Anyone in Spanaway WA?

    I'd like to see someone's set up to get some ideas. I have a 3 cage setup from KW cages, and the next step is to build the shelter. If anyone is in my area that would allow me to visit I would appreciate it. Thank you Paul Gardner