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    I'm thinking there's something in the straw that's making them sick, unless it's the same straw you've been using with the Flemish? Are you putting the new rabbits in with the Flemish? Are you using the same kind of feed the seller used with the new rabbits or bringing new rabbits home and just...
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    What Do You Do When You Mis-Sex a Sold Rabbit - Sold a Doe, Turned Out to be a Buck!

    I would ask her if she wants to give the buck back in exchange for a doe, if you have a doe available. Or if she's ok with you getting both back and then she picking two does from that litter then I would do that.
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    Nice to meet you!

    Welcome! This place has a ton of info and lots of helpful members.
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    Sick rabbits

    What feed were you feeding and had you quickly switched to it? What are you feeding now?
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    Animal For Sale Pedigreed Rex ready!

    Reduced to $25 each on younger does. Don't have cage space to keep them around much longer and really don't want to eat them.
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    Kits! Is this normal?

    Rabbits are rabbits all over the world. ladysown was just giving her advice and opinion, which you asked for. There's nobody arguing here. They are your rabbits, do with them what you want.
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    Whats the chances of a successful first time mom?

    I'd say 95% success rate for me with first timers. I had more problems with Holland Lops and Lionheads than I did with New Zealand, Rex, other larger breeds. The most common issue they had was not pulling fur and just having them on the wire. I never had a doe eat her babies or not feed them...
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    Pregnant rabbit not drinking

    You can try giving her water in a bowl. I have some who drink more that way. And I have some who automatically dump the bowl. Little jerks. Lol. As long as she is pooping and eating normally I wouldn't worry. Once she has her kits she will probably start drinking a ton more.
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    1st time mom, low milk production

    I'm not sure low milk production is something that gets better with experience. I would think it would just be dependent on the particular doe. There are things you can add to the doe's diet to help. Oats are very good for milk production. I have only had a handful of does who have kits with...
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    Can someone tell me whats wrong with my doe?

    Is there heat on the affected side? She could have been stung. I would just watch her but the fact that she hasn't changed eating habits is good. Whatever it is may likely resolve itself.
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    How are you keeping your rabbits cool this really hot "summer" so far?

    It's been 97 with heat index up to 117 here in northeast Arkansas. I have been doing frozen bottles and misting ears. Can't afford fans. Next week it's supposed to get 102 and our heat index then will most likely be 120.
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    Advice on colour please.

    Yep, I'd say you're right. I did a quick google search lol
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    Advice on colour please.

    Could you get another couple pictures? Looks to be too red to be castor.
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    What color is my Mini Lop?

    Maybe chinchilla? Does he have rings in his coat?
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