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    Skin and teeth problems! Help!!!!

    I'm not sure I understand the purpose of that question. If it's for keeping the pelt, yes, I'm pretty sure the fur would come off - and kill the mites. If it's about just killing the mites, I would bury him, mites can't live that long without a living host, and they sure can't dig their way up.
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    Kits hanging out IN the feed dish

    Which feed? If pellets, you can try a J-style feeder . With hay racks, I'm at a loss myself :D
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    winter water

    I use electric silicone heating pads, 10W/12V, under their ceramic crocks, connected to an adjustable power supply. Most times 3-5W are enough, if I go to the full 12V it's good for every weather. I insulated the crocks on the side with cardboard. I think this is the thing that did the most for...
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    Hutch division/sharing questions

    Yes, I too have mother-daughter pairs. I keep doelings with the dams for 5-6 months, and watch them closly who gets along best with the others. Troublemakers get an invitation for dinner. Mine spend a lot of the day outside, so they are quite tired out, and my hutches are rather big and well...
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    When to remove the nest box?

    It's not frowned upon, but it isn't the most easy way to raise rabbits, needs more space than two minimum cages, and one has to like to do it that way. There is a learning curve for sure, but for me totally worth it. A lot of the joy raising rabbit brings me comes from their interactions. I...
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    Fear vs. Practice how to balance info?

    That youtube info is not just nonsense, but, in my humble opinion, conterproductive and basicly BS. Slowing their guts down by not providing enough roughage is quite likely to cause problems, and if there were parasites in hay a single straw would suffice to infect the rabbit. If parasites...
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    Housing females/male close

    Lol, that's spot on :D I had to add a second layer of wire to the does hutches, buck kept sticking his nose in and got bitten, by now I consider naming him Tony Montana. Or Pacino. I don't think "breeding through wire" is real. Anatomically, it's not plausible. Often when that is claimed kids...
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    Clump of hair

    6 months? Nope, they don't always wait that long. Youngest accidentially pregnant doeling I had kindled before she was full 5 months - and my rabbits are rather big, 10lbs, small breeds mature faster. 6 months is an ok age to breed them on purpose.
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    Hutch division/sharing questions

    I keep my does in 2 pairs, because they are social animals and I only see benefits. My pairs are mother-daughter pairs, for that I keep the doelings up to 5-6 months with the doe, and select one that gets along well with mum and has a nice character. This reduces the chances of trying to bond...
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    Clump of hair

    How old are they? Just one tuft of hair can be from moulting, some dominance humping or the real thing, quite some possibilities. If she's really pregnant and it's a whole nest - remove the buck right away. When they start nest building and pulling fur that's hard to miss (if they do it...
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    Lethargic rabbit! Help!

    All advice I've read is the same as above, good luck! It's not "just shock". The problem is that when in panic they can put so much strain on their heart that get's damaged permanently. If he really went into shock that can still be deadly, I think chances are good if he's still alive after 6...
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    HELP!!! Feeding/Hay/Manure

    well, you know, there are so many ways to raise rabbits. Pellets are nice to have, but not necessary, not at all. I guess that 70% of what I feed them gets wasted, offering too much to make them picky I guess, but whatever. My grandfather raised rabbits that were way larger than my 10lbs mutts...
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    HELP!!! Feeding/Hay/Manure

    I feed hay in winter, and fresh forage whenever available (plus a little pellets, veggies, fruit, trees...) About half of it gets spread on the plot I mow for hay and forage after cutting, and I run it over with the lawn mower, for building up soil. I don't have a compost bin, but a 3x1,2m...
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    Should I intervene for this kit?

    Hand feeding is a last resort with rather low success rate at that age, but there are some great threads here about how to and formula. I would first try to remove the two fattest kits form the litter for one feeding, doesn't hurt them and the others have a better chance at the milk buffet. The...
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    Pellet storage

    I use little pellets, so a 25kg bag lasts long. I store them in the paper bag it comes in, in a cool, dry room, on a closet with an upside down chair on it, the bag is held upright by the chair legs. Reason is, the bag must not touch a wall. The wall can be cooler than the air, espacially at...